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How to uninstall?

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  • How to uninstall?

    This application leaves me scratching my head. Shouldn't the superpimp drop an uninstall.exe somewhere?
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    I wish TTLG was up then I could whack you around with a link to a thread about this on there.

    I think there was no uninstaller included because Thwark complained that some essential files where deleted. I can't recall completely/correctly.


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      essential files being everything in your Thievery Folder.

      the uninstall.exe didn't contain a list of the installed files to be deleted, and it didn't only delete the files that were originally installed, so you lost any maps-in-progress, any texture packages, sound packages, meshes, UCC, anything custom made.
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        Hello! He wnats to delete THE game!!!!

        Join us! Join us now!
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          No, but I agree with Daxim. There should be a way of uninstalling the mod, instead of just deleting the directories the mod made etc. Should be implemented in a future release?