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Screenplay, Nottingham, March 15th

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  • Screenplay, Nottingham, March 15th

    I've been asked to sit on the panel and blether on about mod-making. I'll be showing a video of Thievery too


    Saturday 15th March

    with games-related projections in Broadway Cafebar from Monday 10th – Sunday 16th March

    Screenplay, Broadway’s 3rd annual event for everyone interested in computer games and the impact they have on our culture and environment. This year’s event will bring together industry designers, digital artists, writers and fans to discuss the virtual environments games are creating for us, and the wider issues surrounding the gaming phenomenon. Members of the discussion panel will include David Doak, of Freeradical Design (Timesplitters and GoldenEye) and Professor Steve Benford of Nottingham University's Mixed Realities Lab (Desert Rain).


    Discussion panel Screen 2, 10.30am free

    Big-screen gaming tournament Cafébar, 10.30am £1 entry per person

    Lunch for delegates* Cafébar, 12.30pm free

    Matinee screening: War Games Screen 2, 1.00pm £2

    Retro games exhibition The Mezz, all day free

    Evening Screening: Metropolis Screen 2, 6pm usual cinema ticket prices

    Plus more demos and exhibitions, the chance to discuss gaming at close quarters with designers and to find out about the latest developments in research and technology. The post-panel lunch will offer the opportunity to meet fellow fans and people across a range of fields and interests.

    * Find out about getting into the games industry as a career
    * Exchange ideas and information with gamers, writers, thinkers and artists
    * Watch demonstrations of new technologies and discover a new generation of game designers
    * Network and make contacts
    * Discover online gaming and how you can get involved
    * See how games technology and virtual reality are used in many other areas
    * Challenge a game designer in a knockout competition with the chance to win prizes!

    For further information about Screenplay or to book for the event, please call Rasheeqa Ahmad on 0115 952 6600 or email [email protected].

    *Please specify if you would like to attend the lunch for delegates as numbers are limited.

    This event is co-organised by Broadway Education and Frank Abbott of Nottingham Trent University

    Rasheeqa Ahmad
    Broadway Cinema
    0115 952 6600
    Broadway Cinema is nationally recognised as the cultural leader for independent cinema, arts and technology in the Midlands. We encourage a welcoming film community and are proud to be in the heart of Nottingham's creative quarter. Find out more. 

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      Some more info:

      SATURDAY 15 March.

      SCREENPLAY 3 Come and Play.

      Makers, thinkers and players in TALKSHOP.
      Its all about how games are changing the ways we enjoy ourselves
      With lots of screen demos, websites, videos, and argument.

      David Hayward

      In the world of the mod-maker anyone can produce a game. Mod-makers are a remarkable international online community of game design enthusiasts who use the software supplied with games to modify them and create their own new worlds. David Hayward is one of them and will bring along and show us the latest version of “Thievery-UT” – a game created by its players out of the original “Unreal Tournament” you all know and love.

      David Doak

      David knows just about all there is to know about creating games. His Nottingham based company, Freeradical, created the mega selling “GoldenEye” and “Timesplitters”. David will be joining us to talk of games and the new ways that we think about games and the wider world.

      Rachel Jacobs

      Increasingly computer games have influenced the way that artists work. Online digital artists Rachel Jacobs is creating a ghost to haunt the internet. She will be conjuring up her apparition for us and telling us how and why she did it.

      Steven Benford

      When it comes to exploring the cutting edge of the relationship between games and the creation of exciting new computer applications, then The Mixed Reality Laboratory at Nottingham University has got to be one of the pioneers. Its award winning work with “Blast Theory” put the world of the game right into the heart of the city. Steve has shown us the future. You can ask him if it works.

      Daniel Pinchbeck

      They are experimenting with online virtual reality worlds at the Arts and Technology Partnership which Daniel Pinchbeck runs. There will be a group of people over from their base at Loughborough University showing us what can be done.

      Frank Abbott

      Crap at games but very interested in the way they work- Frank Abbott will try and hold the whole thing together. He makes online websites and performances between teaching Fine Art and Creative Technologies at Nottingham Trent School of Art and Design.

      STARTS 10.30 in the morning.
      Screen 1


      Interested in games and stuff?

      We’ve asked a group of top flight developers who are all into new things. They are coming along to show us what they’re doing .

      TALK SHOP starts in Broadway Screen 1 at 10.30am and goes on until 12.30 when we will all watch the winner of the Timesplitters play David Doak.


      Fancy yourself as a Master of Timesplitters?

      Well, get your name down at 10.30 in the morning for the Timesplitters Knockout competition in the Café . The games run from 10.30 to 12.30 when the winner plays against David Doak, the creator of Timesplitters on the big cinema screen.

      £1.00 entry

      Want some more?

      All day playable archive games, demos of new ideas, info. about websites and flyers from games companies and colleges looking to help people get to work in games.


      Classic 80’s Games Movies?

      “War Games”

      The kid thinks he’s found a cool new computer game called Global Thermonuclear War and starts playing it. But he’s hacked into the real thing…

      3.45 Screen 2

      The First Sim City - 1926 ?


      Enormous sets, 30,000 extras, the first great simulated city on screen. A new print of this much talked of sci-fi movie looking better than ever.

      6.00 Screen 2


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        So do we need to book or just turn up and pinch the free food?
        One of the three LANers of the Apocalypse!
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          Ah, cool. Wish I could go there.

          Good luck guys, go out there and represent!


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            Originally posted by Chainsaws
            So do we need to book or just turn up and pinch the free food?
            FINALLY! something GOOD about being english!!!

            Where is Nottingham near? i think it's middlish of the country


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              The only good thing about England is that at least it's not America....


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                Originally posted by Chainsaws
                So do we need to book or just turn up and pinch the free food?
                Not sure.

                Originally posted by TheMachine
                Where is Nottingham near? i think it's middlish of the country
                Yes, about as far away from the sea as you can get in the UK.


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                  alright! show them all how it's done, Thievery style f'sho!
                  Gotta knock a little harder
                  Gotta knock a little harder
                  Gotta knock a little harder
                  Break through the door
                  --Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door OST signed by Yoko Kanno *heart*


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                    *glances at linked site* Ah, its up by the Victoria centre.
                    Hopefully we don't have to book places, what with the loose change costs... could have been more clear :?
                    And you're telling us we get a 1.3 preview? I'll turn up, then.


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                      I e-mailed them and this is what they said.

                      You can book tickets in advance for the event or just turn up on the 15th - you don't have to pay except to enter the games tournament (£1) or to watch the afternoon film screening (£2), which you can do on the day.
                      One of the three LANers of the Apocalypse!
                      The Unforgiven Casual Gaming Group - New Members Welcome


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                        Anybody from Scandinavia going?

                        Hope I can hitch there... Would be fun


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                          Okay, I have a presentation written out about ThieveryUT and mod-making in general, though it'll be quite informal and fast moving with me answering any questions as they come up. However...

                          I went round to Frank Abbot's tonight to create and edit video of the game, but Adobe Premiere was having nothing to do with the AVI generated by FRAPS - at least when it came to rendering and compression; we got the avi to play but couldn't edit. That was the last chance we had to make the video, so instead of a video we'll be loading the game, letting the intro loop for a couple of minutes, then arsing about playing the game to demonstrate a few concepts. After that I'll load UED and talk through a bit of it. All of this will be projected onto a large screen.

                          What I need is an assistant who can play the game while I talk: Is anyone definitely coming and willing to do this, and could you arrive early to go through a few things? If so, please PM me, if not I'll accost a friend or someone from the Broadway.


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                            I would do it... trouble is my mom's not very keen on letting me go away, even if I bring some friends in a tank

                            Guess I wont make it after all


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                              I just got back home from it, it was loads of fun.

                              First of all, a massive thank you to Chainsaws for coming and playing Thievery while the audience watched (Sorry, I should have thought to ask you about invert mouse ).

                              As Frank was introducing the event, the opening sequence of Thievery was playing on the cinema screen behind him, so people were watching it for nearly five minutes.

                              Later on, just as the discussion was turning to things I wanted to talk about - like story telling and how to involve people in games - we had to finish and go off to lunch. A few school teachers asked me about the possibilities of using UED as a creative activity in class, and a few people asked me about where to start in mod making.

                              There were quite a few people in the audience I knew from working at a gallery, but did anyone else from around here get to it?

                              It's years since I've done any public speaking, and apart from the usual worries ("Oh crap, I hope everyone can hear me and I'm not being a complete cock") I felt relaxed really quickly. No one asked me awkward questions about warez or violence - I was almost disappointed, because I'd spent some time preparing for just that

                              The retro games exhibition was cool, there was everything from a text based adventure to GTA3 running. Two kids were ignoring all the other machines and playing Space Combat on an Atari 2600 (The version with wood veneer - bling! ). I heard David Doak saying to someone "See? I told you, it's a winner".

                              It looks like there's going to be another one next year, and I've been asked to help plan it this time - I'd love to organise a bigger mod showcase.