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A crate? Part IV - The Thieves (Guards) highway

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  • A crate? Part IV - The Thieves (Guards) highway

    "Praise the Master Builder, for he has shown us a path."

    Soo... Your probaly wondering what this thread about. Well, to make it short it takes place in th-flats, and shows how to get someplaces orGy and Dalai didnt intend you to be.

    This first "secret" is actually rather easy to get to, and gives you acces to a lot of interesting places... As you see all i have used here is a single crate. So lets see where it takes us.

    Every snipers dream.
    This roof gives allows you to get behind the gate and the end of the church way, and you can also drop down to a pathway in midair, and enter a empty room cept for some furniture. Very cool. 8)

    Next one is a bit more complicated and takes 6 crates, altough it can be done with just 5.

    Going up the stairway we find us self at the other side of the church way. This roof isnt really worth getting to, since there is nothing special to access, and you have limited ways of getting round the city from up there.

    This one is also fairly easy, and can be done with only 2 crates... (But 3 looks better ) I forgot to take a pic at top of this, but it gives you access to the long side of the area...

    Last one... took all 8 big crates in the map to get to. Oh, and you had to duck in order to get onto the roof... Guess they didnt place their blocker right.

    Here we have a gate... Sadly it's locked... But a few crates shoul fix that problem!

    On the otherside... and what have we here. OMG! A sky texturede wall!!! Somebodt was very lazy when they was building this...

    Moving on to the other part of town. Here we are in the NE corner of the map on the roof. of a building next to the wall. Lets see where this crate takes us...

    Up here, were there's another crate will take us further onto the roof!

    Moving on the roof here, we suddenly stumble into... this? What is that? Runes? OMG! I just found an ancient VIking fortress!! (Maybe not...)

    This is where the road ends... orGy decided that you shouldnt be allow further in by placing a few blockers here... ُ_ش

    Oh, well... Fair enough. Let's see what's on the other side then... First a stairway.

    Sadly, he also felt like placing blockers here, thereby giving me very little room to stand on... But enough for a peak. I still wonder what was going on, at the other side... A roof hovering mid air, and a... street? with no houses surrounding it.

    Well, lets see if it's possible to get up on the other side then.

    It is... But now what is this? The work of an evil mage?

    No comments... Well, okay. LAZY MAPPERS! [/img]

    That's it.

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    Nice, but the pics are a bit darkish. Anyway you could lighten them a bit?


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      Originally posted by LaughingRat
      Nice, but the pics are a bit darkish. Anyway you could lighten them a bit?
      They are? Sure it's not just your monitor?
      They look fine here.
      "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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        Yes, they are to dark.
        Cool pics anyway...

        * turns down monitor brightness to normal again *


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          The Builder shall cast light at thee.


          And stay tuned... I already got 10+ screenshots from the rest of flats waiting to be uploaded...


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            They're still dark.

            What I do is open screenies in Photoshop. Image -> Adjust -> Levels (CTRL+L)

            Move the light triangle (the one on the right of the histogram) leftward to the midway point. That does the trick beautifully. Lights are blown out, but they're small anyway and people rarely notice. It's the scene that needs clarity, not the lights.

            I think you can do that in Paint Shop Pro, but I'm not sure how.

            You can mess with brightness/contrast, but that doesn't add detail, it just makes everything grey and dusty. Levels keeps things beautiful looking.
            "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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              Argh... Better?!
              Dont tell me i overdid it now!


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                Ummm, you can get to these places with out the boxes.


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                  That's pretty sweet. I'll have to try that out I have no idea what The_Judge is talking about.

                  BTW, not to be anal-retentive, Master Builder, but AutoLevels distorts the color in game screenshots. (It works great for normal photographs because they contain a natrual balance of colors that games do not render.) That's why I suggested manually tweaking it. It's cool, tho. I can see what you did without blowing out my monitor now

                  (I should make a tutorial on screenshot-posting.)

                  PS: Don't re-upload!! They're FINE!!
                  "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                    I like blue...

                    Edit: Updated first post to include more screenshots.


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                      Man, is that Bloody-Reaper, or Builder-Bob?

                      Anyway, these pics rock, keep up the good work! :twisted:


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                        It's the Master-Builder himself you taffer!...


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                          Originally posted by Master-Builder
                          It's the Master-Builder himself you taffer!...
                          It looks like it's Master-Retard himself.


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                            Originally posted by Lurox
                            Originally posted by Master-Builder
                            It's the Master-Builder himself you taffer!...
                            It looks like it's Master-Retard himself.
                            (AKA Dresden)
                            Despite all my rage, I am still just a dwarf in a cage.