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    Design Document

    I'll cut out some of the quotes.

    The game is loosely based off of the award winning Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, Air Buccaneers. It features slow, floating ships engaging in ship to ship combat using cannons. A major element of the game is also strategic boarding of enemy ships. The game play is fierce, yet highly tactical.
    The game takes place in a world of floating islands, in what we like to call the post post apocalypse era. Mankind nearly killed themselves off in the past, and reduced the level of technology back to the era of steam. The ruins of the previous civilization still dot the many floating islands, with fallen skyscrapers and sprawling suburbs slowly being overtaken by nature yet again.
    General Features

    Advanced graphics effects including HDR heat and steam effects
    Large, complex battlegrounds
    global wind system
    Open-source, editable gameplay

    Multiplayer Features

    Up to 36 players
    That's probably enough information. More details can be seen on the Offical Site & Forums.

    Airgonauts is using the OGRE 3D Engine.

    I heard about Project Airgonauts when it was first announced. I have been learning C++ and Ogre 3D ever since in the hope I can help this game become reality.

    Developers are on the look out. Especially expierenced coders. If you think you are good enough, and would like to participate, please post about yourself on the forums or email the developers.
    Your order has been dispatched!

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    Thursday, 17 August 2006

    Dead? :S
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      No. There are more updates on the forums. The person who runs the site is, such as BCG, to busy working on the game to update the site.
      Your order has been dispatched!