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  • dual channel

    I as the compie dumbie am not absolutely sure so i better ask you :
    I ve got 2x 1gb piece of ram and to use them in dual channel configuartion i have to :
    Put both RAMs to channel a1 and a2 ?
    or one to a1 and the other to b1 ?

    on the MoBo theyre there like this : A1 A2 B1 B2 .. strange as A1 and B1 are the same colour (black) and A2 and B2 too (yellow)
    ^^ what acutally confuses me

    fank you

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    you need to refer to your mb manual but normally two colours indicate separate channels or different speeds of ram .need more details ie ddr or sd or ddr2
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      Additionally, it should tell you if the computer is making use of dual memory when you see the POST screen.


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        just insert them into the first two banks starting from left or right.
        Then check bootscreen. | [email protected]


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          A1 & A2, set the memory frequency in the BIOS. Read the MoBo Manual too, should be able to get it running no problem.

          I've got 4 x 512 chips running in the same kinda config and it's fine.


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            Typically its A1 & B1, A2 & B2, hence why they are the same color
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              Ah yep it was in the post screen i had then in single channel now ive them in a1 and b1 and thats ze dual channel thx guys