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Removal of unused COM ports

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  • Removal of unused COM ports


    Got a trouble :
    I've got windows vista laptop with bluetooth, and allways when i connect some bluetooth device, windows assigns to the device 2 ports. When i disconenct the device, ports disappear and when i connect it again, it assign two next ports and leaves those 2 which it used before unused. It wouldn't be any problem if the program I have to use supported ports above COM9

    In manual to that programe it is mentioned and there's a way to remove them, but apparently doesn't work on Vista.
    (the way is to type ic CMD
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    and then in Device Manager delete them manually, but i can't see them there (+ view hidden devices) )

    When i tried to work it by myself, I found in Device Manager an option to change the port (unused ports are labeled as used there, when i pick an used port (which is in fact unused ) it askes me to confirm that there's another device connected and it will stop work)) So i changed the port but the program doesn't like that it canr't make a serial connection or wtf.

    Ive already tried to google it, but without any success.

    Fanks for any reply, I'm helpless.

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    If you upgraded to vista from an XP laptop, i'd really reccommend going back to XP, as i have found out personally, vista is nowhere near as properly supported, bug-free and whatnot as XP is.

    If vista is assigning 2 device ports to each bluetooth device it connects to, have you tried reconnecting back to a device it has already connected to? does it use the 2 it assigned before; or try to assign more. If you've connected to it, it may then show up in the device manager and allow you to delete them.

    Are you sure its not just a driver problem though? Maybe update and whatnot could help, it sounds like it's doing a poor job xD

    Also have you tried the "safeley remove device" wizard crap in the system tray?

    Just pulling ideas...
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