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OMG REPOST: "Let's make Map Guides for noobs!"

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  • OMG REPOST: "Let's make Map Guides for noobs!"

    I (in my infinite wisdom) have decreed that the Thievery team needs to use the Map Guides section of our webpage.

    I am asking you obssessive types to make guides for the maps.

    Why can't we do it, you ask? Well, we're busy. And quite frankly, as the maker of one of the maps, i'm amazed at some of the ideas you folks have had when it comes to playing. You've thought of things to do in my map i had never thought about. Bravo.

    However, the n00bs are lost. You can feel it, can't you? yes....

    So this is what we're going to do. We need a guide for each of the maps. That is, we need:

    1. a comprehensive EASY TO UNDERSTAND map of the level.
    2. locations of loot
    3. locations of guards and their patrols
    4. explanation of objectives
    5. recommended, and not so recommended, routes to and fro to get the objectives.

    Those are the BASICS.

    Now, i'm going to read and sift through these guides (well, maybe me and someone else ;-) ). The best ones will go on the website WITH CREDIT TO THE WRITER. as such, you can add the following in, to make it even better (and the ultimate winner is the community, as new players with a clue = more fun playing):

    6. screenshots (9, they get dumped in your UT/system directory as BMPs, pls change to JPGs if possible)of CRITICAL POINTS on the maps. Exit points, choke points, common camp (ahem, guard) spots.
    7 quality descriptions of paths, loadouts, tricks and treats for Thieves
    8. same thing for guards
    9. background info on the map within the confines of the "Thievery Universe" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get in touch with a dev [preferably the maker of the map] if you attempt this one).

    That's it. if you are giving multiple files, ZIP or RAR them up (i have a limit to what size files i can accept, so if it's too big, send it to me on IRC, files are always accepted as long as the file name is unique [add your nick and the date]). My email is:

    [email protected]

    I will read through them all. The best will be chosen and put on the website for public consumption, as well as announced on the forums for those of you who don't check the website every day for updates .

    This is your chance to make an impact in Thievery and to show your m4d skillz0rz to the rest of the forums, show us devs how it's done!

    Feel free to post with suggestions/questions/to get dibs on your favorite map.
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      Maybe sticky it?


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        Cool avatar Ulukai. :wink: I am working on my second map guide now. The first map (Gerome) is already mailed to Thwark & Mad_Gerbil. We, the [RLF] guild will continue making strictly guard map guides for newbies to download.
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          Why strickly guard? Is that some kind of evil mind control plan to turn the noobs into rlf chronies
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            Originally posted by Majarisan
            Why strickly guard? Is that some kind of evil mind control plan to turn the noobs into rlf chronies
            Actually, its a pretty good FAQ for thieves too. Now we have a better idea of what the guards area up to in the game. And the maps are really helpful.