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  • no display on new card

    Long story short, I've got a newer video card in now, an Nvidia (corrected) 7800 GS I believe. At any rate, I've been unable to get it to display better than 4 bit colors, which blows. In my attempts to re-install it, the computer last treated it as a VGA card (don't ask, I don't know). I set that part to 'disable' in the drop-down menu, in an attempt to force Windows to try a different configuration. Now when it boots into windows, I get a black screen.

    So how do you undo that setting without re-installing windows? I've physically uninstalled the card, rebooted a couple times, and after putting the card back in, I'm in the same predicament.

    I've racked my brains and I'm out of things to try. I figure the fine folks here are much more tech-savvy than I am, so I come to you guys (and gals) with my shattered pride in hope for some illumination.
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    download the latest chipset drivers for your mb/and install them then download latest nvidia drivers from website and run them /or you can force update by choosing which drivers to update usually in the inf file [only seen if you have show hidden files ticked in file and folder settings this applies to xp ]
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      1) What version of Windows?

      2) AGP or PCI-E card?

      3) Does your motherboard have on board video? Is it disabled?

      4) Have you tried the latest drivers?

      5) If the card is AGP, maybe you need to re-install your mobo drivers in order to get smartgart or whatever to work with the new card, this was a problem for me when switching cards in the past.

      6) Uninstall all graphic drivers, and get the card in again, once in windows and it's showing up ok you should not need to mess with any settings until you have the drivers on, even then it's colours only. If it's Windows XP and the card is ok which it sounds like it is you should not have any problems, earlier versions of windows are going to be harder / less helpful.

      7) Finally, do you have another machine to try the card in as a quick reality check to ensure it's working? Although I would expect nothing to appear on screen if it wasn't.


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        I experienced the same issue when I was fixing a mates computer. It was just a simple case of updating to Service Pack 2, reinstalled the drivers, and it worked fine. That was using quite an old nVIDIA card.
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          I've had a simular problem which turned out to be an interupt conflict (and on a brand new motherboard!). If you are out of ideas, remove any other expansion cards or put them in different slots.
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   many responses. I'll try to answer all of them in one go.

            Reemulmyu: I haven't updated my mobo since I installed it. I don't think that's the issue though. This black screen deal prevents me from doing anything once Windows is fully booted. I have an A-Bit IC7-G motherboard, which is the exact motherboard my buddy had using this newer card, no problems. Given, he probly updated the chipset though.

            I'm certain the video card is fine because it booted into the black when I had the other card (my 5900 FX Ultra) and it's doing the same thing with the newer card. I must correct myself...I think the newer card is a 7800 GS. It uses the 175.19 driver, which I downloaded.

            Machine: I'm using Windows Home XP, the mobo, an A-bit IC7-G has a 8x/4x AGP slot, it ran my 5900 Ultra, an 8x, no on-board video, I've tried the latest drivers for the video card, haven't re-installed the mobo drivers (can it be done in DOS? I can't get into windows yet, due to the black screen), and I can't uninstall the windows drivers, again, due to the black screen, which is really pwning me. As far as trying the video cards (both old and new, I don't think I've got a new enough computer to try either of them out in. I could try this one, my mom's, but if I screw it up and she's disconnected from the daughter and grandkids, let's just say I may never wake up...)

            DiP: The Service Pack 2 is an option. My puter has been off the net so long I never installed it. I'll download that tonight, but it won't be of use to me til I can get into Windows and see what the heck I'm doing.

            westy: When the new video card was in, it said it was working fine, but somehow it stopped recognizing my monitor, a Sony with a dual mode HD15 and BNC connector deal. It became an unknown monitor and the colors were tuggy 4 bit. I never touched the monitor settings but its setting buttons ended up grayed out where I couldn't re-confirm its identity. Eventually, after trying to uninstall and re-install the new card, the computer began complaining of some Code 12 errors of not having enough resources. So I disabled several items, which failed to help it in any way.

            I believe I've had a similar problem to this before years ago and I think I accidentally fixed it by physically removing expansion cards, and starting with the video card first. I suppose I could try that next. But if it frees up resources, I'll still have the problem of my so-called VGA adapter being set to disabled (man I regret doing that, but I had faith that Windows would just try to enable the AGP setting instead...)

            Ultimately, I have to solve the problem of getting video in windows again before I can do anything, right?


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              Originally posted by westy View Post
              I've had a simular problem which turned out to be an interupt conflict (and on a brand new motherboard!). If you are out of ideas, remove any other expansion cards or put them in different slots.
              Originally posted by Spidey View Post
              I accidentally fixed it by physically removing expansion cards, and starting with the video card first. I suppose I could try that next.
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                I'll try that this week but with the VGA adapter set to disabled, I doubt I'll be able to see anything. I'll post the results. I'm thinking the easiest way out of this is to get another hard drive and install windows XP on that. Otherwise I could be losing everything on my C drive by re-installing windows.


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                  Originally posted by Machine View Post
                  1) What version of Windows?
                  I'm running Windows for Warships: Home Edition.


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                    Have you tried Safe Mode or last known good? (Press F8 while booting.)
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                      Yeah, tried the F8 deal. It chokes on both of them. It shows a list of all the files and drivers it loads, but stops for good before booting into windows. I think the last card that was in it was my older Nvidia card, but as I understand it, the same driver should work for both cards. In fact, I was using the current driver on my older card and it was the same one the newer card uses. 175.19 or something like that.

                      Now I'm beginning to worry that if I remove the expansion card for my SCSI and my sound card that I may end up screwing up my link to the CD ROM (mine is a SCSI Plextor, (that sounds dirty!)) and not even be able to re-install XP (the nuclear option).

                      After screwing up a simple video card upgrade, my tech confidence is at an all-time low. I had less trouble installing my sound card and DVD player! At this point, I'm seriously considering taking my computer to a computer repair shop and letting them fix it, which for me would be more embarassing than walking into work naked.


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                        Regarding Windows for Warships, Register article:

                        "Those acquainted with the more foam-lipped Linux fanciers will also be familiar with the position that Windows use is morally corrupt, indicative of sexual perversion, and causes cancer."

                        I was agreeing with that up until the cancer bit. Ah well, it'll go with my Zodiac sign...

                        "As of just a few years ago, this was still a pair of antique 24-bit, 1MHz machines each with about 25KB of RAM."

                        Wha?, my old Commodore 64 had more ram...A whopping 38k free. Did the ship have sails and cannons?

                        It sounds like the British Navy will now be susceptible to the I Love You virus.

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                          Tried resetting the bios?


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                            Have you tried getting into the bios?
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                            of payment I would require you to go to work naked, and post pics to prove it of course.


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                              Thanks for the offer Ghostly App..but the computer is fixed now. The correct answer seems to have been: The BIOS. After going through the bother of backing up all my important files, and doing an XP repair/install, I recalled I had the AGP setting in BIOS choked down to a smaller AGP aperture size. This was when I was having difficulty getting my older video card to play Nightblade. It shouldn't have, but I insisted

                              After I put in the new card, it got really screwed up from there. Couldn't get better than like 16 bit color and all that. The computer couldn't even recognize it as an AGP card.

                              What really killed the system and made it unworkable for me was disabling the 'VGA' adapter. I was trying to force the system to try another option on the video cards and pick it up as an AGP. It didn't work, I just had a black screen whenever it booted back into windows. Lesson learned.

                              Thanks for the feedback guys

                              Besides GA, think of the women and children that would be traumatized for life by seeing me naked at work.