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  • Thief game not running

    I picked up Thief at Big Lots recently. I never had my own copy of that one so I figured this is a must have. It's some sort of re-release because the packaging lists it's made for Windows XP as well.

    Problem is, when I try to run it, it tells me I've only got 1 MB of hard disk space. I've got about 20 gigs free on that drive. Said something like "Thief can't run". The game refuses to run, so how do you convince it there's enough hard drive space?

    Dunno if it matters, but I'm running a couple Western Digital Raptors in Raid 0. I've never seen this error before though.

    And no, there's no installation guide included. I hunted around for relevant readme's on the drive but didn't see any.

    I just popped the disc in to get the exact error message and it didn't come up. This time it launched me into the opening screen. Weirdness! Looks fine now. The disc was in there last time I got the error message.

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    do you have a 2nd smaller drive, or an external drive you can try installing on (lets say less than 20GB total space)?
    Also try setting the setup exes compatibility mode to windows 98

    edut nvm's safer here.


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      Quirky. I must play through Thief 1 & 2 again before I die... Are there any redux packages for them nowadays? Like textures 'n stuff? Not been on The-Circle for some time.
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        Any Thief related issues, be sure to check out the FAQ's at TTLG You'll find the answer there, and someone is always there to help. If you still have any question, post in the Legacy Gaming Technical Help forum.


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          You could always try installing it manually by extracting and copying the files into a folder on your hard drive manually...
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            Thanks for the link BA. I'll check it out. So far it seems playable, though the sound has been buggy. Sometimes I hear my footsteps and sometimes I don't on the Keeper training mission. I skipped forward to the Lord Bafford's mission and it seems fine now. Haven't installed any patched on it so I imagine that should help too.


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              There is a lot of info in those links Spidey. Its worth a look anyway. You may find something else to help you along too. Whenever someone does have a Thief issue, someone is always around there to help, and they do. Good luck and have fun with it.

              What is odd, that error you mentioned in your first post is usually associated with Dark Loader and the FM's. It can be fixed by adding the amount of MB's needed its asking for, meaning another FM or two, popping it into your folder thats one way of fixing the issue.


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                Not sure what you mean by adding MB's.

                I've got a gig of RAM and about 20 gigs left on the E: drive, which I installed Thief on. All I know is it didn't bother me with that error once I popped the CD back in, though I'm still confused by that because I had the CD in the first time I tried to run it and it balked.

                I'll be checking out TTLG tomorrow as I have a couple days off.


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                  When you get a darkloader error message that you do not have enough space. For instance say, 5 megs. you add 5 more megs, via a FM to your darkloader FM folder. Find an FM that is 5 megs. Adding whatever size the error is to your FM folder, adding up to 5 meg.


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                    Hmm... I assume that applies to Fan Missions only? My error didn't say anything about the Darkloader. In fact, I think the title of the error box was "Thief can't run". A thief that can't run? How sad


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                      The TTLG FAQ's suggested fix for the disk space error is to edit the user.cfg file to add the line "skip_starting_checks" (without quotation marks).



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                        Spidey, I did mention in an earlier post, this was for FAN MISSIONS. It was a similar error, to the disk space error, that is all. Going over and finally looking at the FAQ's, TeeJay has it, he beat me to it. I couldn't check the FAQ's, until now, too damn busy lately.
                        You really should try the FM's sometime. A lot has changed with Thief over the years.


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                          Cool...thanks for the heads up TeeJay. Seems to be working alright now, but I'll tinker with the .cfg pretty soon.

                          BA you get honorable mention I've only played T2X, which was fun, and I think one or two Fan Missions for T2, but I haven't had my own copy of Thief until recently. Someone lent me Thief a long time ago and I got hooked. I hear that's how drug dealers get people hooked. The first one is for free, but when they come back for more, they pay. Worked on me. I bought Thief 2 as soon as I could.


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                            Spidey, didn't mean to confuse you with talking about FM's fix with your disk space issue. Glad you are working on it.

                            The Thief FM's have DEFINITELY changed a bunch the past couple of years. I quit playing for a while, I came back, its all for the better on the FM scene. Besides some new FM's to play.

                            There is the EP pack, that stands for the *Enhancement Pack*. That pack takes a lot of the low poly objects, and beefs them up all shiny and pretty. Looks damn good.

                            Then there is the DDFix, another one to play wide screen. A bunch of new FM's you wonder how the hell they did this with such an old engine.

                            If you want some recommendations, I'd be happy to give you some.
                            One in particular that made me say "Oh shit" I rarely jump at a game anymore, this FM got me on edge a bit.

                            Then there is the Dark mod......thats another story.....


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                              For those scoring at home, it's now BA 1,468,371 and TeeJay 1. In principle, we should have made Spidey do his own research, but it's hard to resist the poor lovable lug when he's in trouble.

                              BA, perhaps you could start a thread here listing the recent Thief FMs that you recommend. It's not always easy to identify the best bets from the many threads in the TTLG forum.