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Halp! Halp! no keyboard or mouse in ut2004!

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  • Halp! Halp! no keyboard or mouse in ut2004!

    I got a new asus x50vn with vista hp

    i just installed ut2004 and patched it to latest version. the problem im haveing is no keyboard or mouse working when the game starts.
    mouse works in the menus before you load the game. kayboard doesnt work even in the menu, the only way to get keyboard working in the menu is to set the game to windowed mode but even so if i lauch the game in windowed mode when the match starts theres still no keyboard or mouse.

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    Have you tried alt-tabbing out and back in again. Used to get this issue with UT99 on occasion and that fixed it.


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      Have you checked the controls tab to see if the keyboard/mouse combo is the default (as opposed to a gamepad)?
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        alt tab doesnt help controlls of the keyboard are bound correctly in the controlls tab however the only button that seems to work ingame is ~ so i can only acces console. i bound the mouse axis y x in ailenswarmuser.ini and it fixed the mouse partialy now it mooves but when i click nothing happens.


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          Have you tried deleting your ini files/ turning off aa?
's safer here.


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            yea i just did that it removed the settings menu from the main menu and the mouse stoped mooving again so i reverted back to old ini