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Building first PC

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    Those fans look ludicrously awesome's safer here.


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      The only minor complaint about the case is that its got two screws to open the side, these screws are meant to be tightened and loosened with your hands, but even my old HP Compaq was screwless entry...

      The case also has two buttons to turn off the side fans, why would you want to though?

      Also this mobo doesnt like USB keyboards...after the BIOS nothing can recognise it. Not Windows, not Ubuntu, not Fedora...although it works fine in the BIOS itself. Thats not really an issue though because I'm using my old PS/2 keyboard with nicely smoothed keys after repetitive use
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        You might be able to change USB-related options in the BIOS setup; I've also had luck pulling and replugging the USB keyboard at the login or after logging in with a PS/2, though these problems later automagically went away.


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          As M2k states, check the bios carefully, I too have had the situation where unplugging / plugging back in the keyboard after boot gives windows a kick and it see's it. I can't imagine a Mobo nowadays that would not accept a USB keyboard, it's verging on crazy talk.

          Good choice on PSU BTW, I have the same one

          Turning off side fans, well, if your watching a film on your PC maybe, would reduce noise & light - for that period of time your comp is not going to need extra cooling.


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            "Legacy USB support" solved it for me It worked fine when the keyboard is directly connected to the board, but when I connect through my monitor I need it enabled. I also seem to need this enabled to wake the pc from the keyboard.
  's safer here.


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              Originally posted by DiP View Post
              I'm considering down the line, all the upgrades that I could possibly do to it. I didnt know if it was worth buying a small 30GB SSD and putting the OS on that, or whether to get more RAM, or overclock, and get a new exhaust fan.
              not sure about the other ssd's, but I was actually considering getting the intel x25-m ssd for my new build.
              250 mb/s read speed is smoking. The smallest one alas is an 80gb and they are pricey.

              I may get one down the line though, their one flaw is write speed but even that isn't bad at 60 mb/s
              Imagine a couple of these in raid 0. I can't imagine it without drooling all over my keyboard so I have to stop now. LOL

              I am going with this one.

              The western digital velociraptor. My last raptor has served me well.

              I've ordered the parts so now I just wait.


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                Building first PC

                Hi Elgar,A very excellent comprehensive review of the new SE S700? I always enjoy reading your comments and viewing the great pictures that you supply in your reviews. Ill look forward now to you giving us a first look at the SE P1000
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