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Steam isnt showing installed games...

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  • Steam isnt showing installed games...

    When i log into steam on another computer(that i just built), steam isnt showing any of the games, i copied stalker from this computer and on the new one it just shows "pre-load complete" and the only options i have are to purchase.

    (is it possible i missed something when coping or do i have to buy all my games again?)
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    You have to buy all your games again...

    or login as the correct user?'s safer here.


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      Thanks baz, i shall certainly look see if ive been signed out or something odd.
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        Steam was acting odd last night, I think there has been an update or something. Try again today?


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          I believe the correct process is to begin installing a game on the new pc through Steam and then stop it and copy your files over (as per the fix for UT3 if you have the retail version). Copying it without doing that first is probably the issue, Steam must embed some authentication key somewhere that doesn't match your new machine.
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