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    I was just wondering... Can tables and chairs be made to be pushed around or even picked up? The larger the object, the tougher it is to push.... Can chairs be frobbed like crates and thrown.

    Just wondering, because it's kinda silly to have to delicately navigate around, say, the chairs and tables in Theater because they are bolted to the floor and even firebolts don't rock them. I know UT physics kinda sucks in the first place, but was pondering whether TUT could extend their capabilities.
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    If they're made of brushes, no. If they're meshes, yes. An easy way to do it would be to subclass the TUT crate and make its mesh the mesh of the table or chair that you want.
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      UT Physics = Benny Physics

      UT2003 Physics = Good Physics

      DX2/T3 Physics = God like.

      Anyway, yeah... they can be moved... but it will look as bugged as every other object that can be moved around, and wont be able to turn around.
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