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  • Hdd transplant

    Is it possible to take a HDD(windows xp) out of one computer and put it in another and be able to turn the second pc on without any extra requirements?

    So, the drive would be the C drive in both computers.

    I am asking because i ordered a copy of windows7, finally i shall experience dx10.
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    Sometimes. There will likely be activation bullshit, and it may not work at all. Consider uninstalling video drivers first, btw.

    You can always just back up your C:\Docs and Sets\your name\* and install fresh.

    Also, don't have a network cable plugged directly into a modem (assuming you don't have a router) while installing XP, because it's that insecure.


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      All depends on the SATA controllers on the motherboards.

      If the motherboard on the computer your moving the HDD to has a SATA controller that needs a driver during the windows install; will just boot loop and not work.

      You should be okay if

      1. It's an IDE drive,
      2. You can enable IDE/Legacy the other PC's motherboard.
      3. It's a SATA controller that doesn't need a driver.

      You will then just have to install the proper drivers for the other devices.

      Edit: Oh yeah, Activation, I'm so used to the Volume Licensed Edition of XP
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        It's pretty much just a matter of connecting the wires, though you have to set the 2nd one to slave drive.
        Turn off the power first when starting

        Edit: nvm, thought you just wanted to plug in an extra one


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          I've done it before but would suggest re-installation.

          Windows crapped it's pants when I first turned it on, but a couple of reboots later it had sorted itself out.

          Unless you plan on a full format soon, just go for it now.


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            Safer to backup your importants etc from your C: to another drive/ external driver/ CD/ pen whatever and format the drive and re-install.

            If yer gonna cut corners, it'll catch you out in the end.
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              Originally posted by FixXxeR View Post
              If yer gonna cut corners, it'll catch you out in the end.
              Thanks for the responses.

              Atm i have 5 hdd, 2 250gb from my old pc's mirror(xp)(one is shelved the other is my current F drive. 2 500gb in a mirror with this install of XP(different computer). and 1 500 with vista/linux in the old pc, since installing vista i have not turned that pc on.

              Since i preordered windows7 i was planning to leave my current F drive, and turn my C drive into a G drive, and take the 500 from the other pc and reformat and install windows7, and then put what is my c drive now, into the other pc.

              What i will actually do is to just backup what i need from the C drive (external 1T+registry) and reformat, remirror, install windows7.

              That should be adequate.
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