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Can't install OS, new build with errors.

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    Maybe this way you'll find time to get back to your job of restoring the equilibrium.


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      Assuming your Win7 CD is authentic, is it retail, OEM, or upgrade?

      I know the drive is SATA, but check for jumper setting on the drive. Have a vague memory about that causing problems at times. If jumper is there try removing it. Check net for SATA jumper config's for more information

      Try a slower hard drive speed through the BIOS or Jumpers (pins 5-6 I believe for WD drives).

      Found in this thread here at the ASUS site.

      Driver or HDD firmware issue:

      o Cause: SATA/RAID Driver loaded may need to be matched with specific versions of SATA/RAID BOOTROM, or the controller’s behavior under AHCI mode, in order to allow the controller and device to function correctly. System may result in fail to install operating system, performance drop, or even not detecting HDD during OS installation process if the drivers are not matched. (Note: Some versions of Windows may have been bundled with a previously existed version of driver for a particular controller.) Only when this driver also matches with SATA/RAID BOOTROM or controller behavior under AHCI mode, would the controller be able to function without fail. The same could also happen if the HDD firmware is not fully compatible with such SATA/RAID controller.

      o Suggestion: Always use the latest version of BIOS and drivers available from ASUS download page at: unless specially mentioned on either the download page or FAQ page to avoid this kind of troubles. For HDD firmware issues, please kindly consult HDD vendor for further assistance.

      Read that for Win7, per "Windows 7 Administrator's Pocket Consultant" by William R. Stanek, might be a good idea to turn off Speedstep Tech and also Intel Quick Resume Tech (in the BIOS). Considering Win7 is supposed to take more direct control of the motherboard, this might make sense.
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        "Windows 7" or more specific like moir, rc2 2008 home premium anyone? if you had problems before and couldn't install or expeirienced any difficulties with the OS installed, they should be gone now, as part of the updates during installation while connected to the internet, and the continuos work of whoever you are, that made me very happy-thank you.

        Even chess titans got an update, you can play as black and (move second) (10 levels of difficulty) things like that, and a compatability mode (like trying to get soldier of fortune to work).

        If you are having problems reading discs in my computer in windows 7 make sure you know if your rom is set slave or master, trial and error using old rig parts made one barely function correctly using ide connection (disc name and size, explore/open would crash, and no avatar icon for the disc). My other rom created a working configuration through ide, in the end (jumpers on the back of the roms indicating master/salve settings must of caused a confliction), and in the background a third second hand blu ray drive which still even now doesnt work was potenially faulty all along which uses sata, but to begin with you think its the OS, not your equipment.

        My pc doesn't have a floppy drive but if it did there are 32 and 64 bit drivers not on the motherboard disk in the os but outside like trying to boot from it, you can create a boot type floppy driver, with my lack of knowledge I'm bot suprised I was stumped, and if I did download the correct driver and try usb flash/dongle type make shift driver it failed, everytime I attempted zipped and unzipped "insert driver" os installation of windows 7.

        Thank you to those who replied, "its been emotional".