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Help Antero90 Upgrade and escape Candy Crush

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    Originally posted by Antero90
    im not in the US
    There's a dropdown in the top right with some other countries in.


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      Bummer, seems like I will need a new DVD drive, mine is still IDE and the mobo I picked up does not carry one. Meh, more digging.
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        Thank you all for your help.
        I have just received confirmation for the order of the parts.
        If all goes to plan I shall have them with me next week. Meanwhile I will undergo a refreshment course for PC assembly and recruit my sidekick who will be responsible for receiving the goods.

        Unfortunatley I was left with another problem.
        Because the Candies where getting out of hand I became too desperate and ordered a crate of Grues. The Candies are gone now, but I fear the Grues are populating some dark spot on the map.
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          The computer parts are in and after a few bumps I got the OS to run.

          Unfortunately the PSU is not up to the task. Researching PSU's now, could use some pointers.
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            Originally posted by Dalai
            Very tempting as it's a bundle that includes CPU, mobo, cooler and even thermal paste!
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