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  • winamp and ut

    are there any programs to control winamp while in UT? whenever i minimize ut to turn winamp off, i dc for some reason, and windowing is annoying =/ thx in advanced

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    How about you turn it off before you start playing?

    If that isn't satisfactory you can minimise the game if you're using opengl without any problems whatsoever.
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      I was gonna make one, but lost interest quickly when I found out there was no way to query WinAmp for it's current volume level. Then I went out and got a multimedia keyboard with millions of audio controls on it, so the plan kinda fell through. The keyboard is better methinks, because it can control WinAmp through every game, not just ones I have a WinAmp plugin for.
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        I have a keybord with:

        mute, vol up, vol down, play/pause, stop, prev, next.

        I use it with windows media player (a lot of people tell me winamp is better blah blah, but WMP does everything I want so i dont see the point in adding another bloated app to my computer) and it works nicely with any game. Cost AU$30 too, works well... so yes. That concludes my pointless story.


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          Get a decent keyboard...


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            Yeah, get a good keyboard. I wuv my RF keyboard media controls....

            Also, I usually like to wait until a good long song starts in my playlist, hit CTRL+V, then start Thievery. CTRL+V means stop playing after the song is done, so I got 4-8 minutes of music in Thievery, before I really need the silence.

            But I only do that when I'm too lazy to install the keyboard drivers after an OS reinstall.

            Ah! Plan C: Play music from your stereo. (I'm so smart it's not even funny!)
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                thanks, foul egg =)