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Bug: ThieveryDamageActors don't affect invis thieves

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  • Bug: ThieveryDamageActors don't affect invis thieves

    Credit to Nachimir for first noticing this one.

    Basically, testing has shown that if a player with 0% visibility hits a ThieveryDamageActor they fail the (!Other.bHidden) test in the touch function, and so aren't damaged or set fire to.

    Therefore, when ThieveryDamageActors are placed in dark areas, or areas where thieves can manage 0% visiblity, then thieves can completely ignore the DamageActor while guards will still take damage.

    Currently, I fail to see the need for the (!Other.bHidden) test, since with the default restriction to Pawns only, there are no other hidden actors that should be encountered (or so I currently believe). Feel free to correct me, since I've only lightly tested this one.

    I'm keeping this brief since I haven't tested it fully yet, but I'm hoping now that the bug has been made public, the devs will be able to take the controls from here and choose the best method for fixing this problem.

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    Fixed in 1.4.


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      (To clarify for all those people I've been saying "Maybe this week" or "Probably this weekend" to, this is what's been holding B3 up. Sorry).