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Brodys Challenge Server on 1 Mbit/s Line is lagging

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  • Brodys Challenge Server on 1 Mbit/s Line is lagging

    hi online all ,

    i do a server now since a few weeks. first of all i used a 1,0 ghz pc with 512 ram on a line with 1500 kb down- and 160 kb upstream.
    this server handled 4 ppl well, at 5 ppl it becomes sometimes laggy, sometimes not.

    now i switched:

    i use a p4 2,4 ghz, 1,5 gb ram on a line with 1 Mbit/s line. it can handle nothing well.

    first i opened a server and switched hopefully open to 12 ppl. 12 ppl came in and played. but after the first mapchange server became monsterlags aobut 3000 - 5000 ping.

    so i did open for 10. happended the same.
    so i did open for 8, happended the same.

    im so mad about that, i can tell u.

    in each trys, i did maxclientrate to 10 000.
    as i went down from 10 to 8 ppl, i set maxclientrate down to 8000, 5000, 2600.
    but it doesnt matter what i did, it becomes lag always at mapchanges. yesterday became lag by mapchange at 4 ppl, cuz 4 ppl only was on my server.

    what the hell is wrong?

    i go direct to internet with a modem. no router used. the pc has win xp incl. service pack 1, thievery only is installed. nothing else is running or installed. i bought this pc only to be thieveryserver.

    when i do switch in preferences between 56k, isdn, cable/dsl and lan, i saw in thaux.ini different maxclientrates by 2600, 5000, 10 000 and 20 000. i checked that this is , what a server shall give incoming gamers.

    but what about the configuredinternetspeed? i found this in thaux.ini too.
    this is standing at 10 000. maybe there is the mistake? do i need to divide configinternetspeed on ppl?

    maybe i need to put there a count, that means the 1 Mbit?

    dear ppl, im so nervous about my prob. only i want is to stand a server. i hate those technical things. im absolutely bad in that things. plz can u help me there? shall i send u the thaux.file to check maybe?

    Its a 1 Mbit/s sdsl Line.

    i hope u all can help me and so

    i do greeting u all from germany
    ur brody
    A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

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    Maybe you should try linux? There are excelent tutorials for running Unreal Tournament on Mandrake and other distro's. And Loki games even ported an installer so it should be no big deal installing it. Plus I know for sure there is a tutorial included with mandrake on how to set up a script that restarts your server once it's crashed and setting up gameservers.

    *Edit: Oops, you say you hate technical things, well, it might be a bit difficult if you have absolutely no understanding of computers, but in the end you will have great advantages. I can really recommend Mandrake, since it's very user friendly. Plus it's free to download and maintain. Compared to windows.


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      Sounds like you are getting the dreaded "creeping ping" that was common with Win2K and seems to have carried over to XP. You will need the latest IpDrv.dll dated 070902 (only problem is that I cannot seem to find a valid link to the file.) Simply place the file in the UnrealTournament/System folder (keep a backup of the original).
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        We're hosting the 'creeping ping' fix at our Files page at

        Here's the direct download link: Denial of Service Fix.


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          I replied to your post over at Crackaz, as well. It looks like mOdEtWo has that fix I mentioned there. Grab that file from his site and follow the included installation instructions.


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            hi online all,

            thank u all so much for ur help.

            u was right, it was the ipdrv.dll problem as know in win2k.

            the fix fixed it, yeah.

            now brodys challenge is running very well. im so happy believe me.

            the thing needed to test is now only, how much cache size shall i do for 10 ppl gaming?

            but i will see.

            i invite u all to join BC. im happy to meet u there.

            cu all online,
            ur brody
            A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

            Thievery Customs Center
            Vietcong Customs Center