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  • Relics and Thievery...

    Well we just tried it on a non - dedicated server , and it renders the Thievery gameplay wacky , at the expense of bugs like key unbinding , HUD problems and inventory disappearing. Relics can't be tossed like inventory : you have to type mutate tossrelic in the console to get rid of it.

    So far , 4 relics work well:
    -strength (its wielder becomes evil)
    -defense (gives a chance against thoses mace guards)
    -regeneration (thieves just love it)
    -redemption (doesn't restore health though , pawn just goes back to spawn if badly wounded)

    Speed is 100% useless , doesn't change anything , not even airspeed.
    I'm not sure about vengeance , it just didn't work.

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    Yeah, I've noticed the lightgem disappearing when using relics :?
    And it seems to go away when you use the Lazy Matrix mutator...
    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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      Hmm, I could always script some Thievery-specific relics if there is enough demand for them. Or alternatively, I could look over the current relics, & increase compatibility.

      I'll see how much interest arises in this thread.