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  • AI teams in single player

    Hi, im just new to thevery, and what an excelent game it is. however I have a query that i have been unable to find an answer to on these forums.

    I wish to practise against the AI in the single player mode before i play the game online with my mates (i realy dont want to make a fool of myself). I would like to know if i can set AI thieves? I have been finding that all of the AI players become guards right away. can i add bots in the console just like in normal UT? and if so, can i add them to the theives team? if not is there another way to creae AI theives for me to practise against? or do i have te be content in being a thief?

    thanks heaps.


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    There is no AI thieves, but if you play online as a guard most people would be happy to help out. 8)


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      If you want to add guards in SP, do the following. But beware, they will atack you immediately, so I suggest using these other few codes.

      Type "God" in the console. If you don't know how to open the console, I believe it is the ` key. This will mae it so they can't hurt you.

      Type "ghost" in the console. This will make it so you can get somewhere to place them, and go through the walls or ground to get away.

      Now, to actually summon the guards type "summon tknight" in the console. This is a regular guard. You can also type "summon commando" or for even MORE and harder fun, type "summon ???" (just slipped my mind. It's the one when the guards get shock rifles). Help me out here, Kewl.

      And for scary fun, type "summon unreali.stonetitan" in the console.

      ABout the thieves, he's right. you can't summon them. There are SEVERAL people in TUT who love to help out new taffers. Aggamemnon comes to mind. A great map to start out on too is Th-CountryAbode, which you can get here
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        Actually, you don't need to jump through so many hoops to summon guards. A guard is always summoned with his back to you. As long as you don't make any noise you can back off and blow them away with a redeemer or whatever makes you happy.