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  • Dedicated server questions...

    Has anyone seen AI/bots that move faster than normal on servers? Is there a setting that controls this? A while back, I got reports that AI on my server were moving quicker than normal, but I haven't noticed anything recently.

    What is a good balanced MaxClientRate for TUT? Currently I have it set to only be 5000.

    Thank you for any help you can supply.
    Team ORJ

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    AI behave erratically sometimes for no reason...but i think you can speed up or slow down the game although i am not sure what commands do this. For max client rate I have read to use 10000 and that is what I use on my server I run occasionally. A client rate of 5000 may be good if you want more players with more lag...or use 10000 with less players but at lower pings.