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  • Thievery and Ports

    Hello all,

    I am determined to finally sort my router out so I can host Thievery and other games. I've had some success so far; I can now host Neverwinter Nights games.


    Both UT and Thievery currently aren't having it. I have opened UT's (supposed) standard port 7777, and got nothing. I have opened ten ports after this, and still got nothing.

    A) Have I got the port wrong?

    B) Does Thievery use different ports?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unless you've changed the default port, forwarding UDP ports 7777-7782 to the server machine should do the trick. Also open port 27900 if you're planning on advertising your server.

    Another issue may be firewall permissions. Make sure UCC.exe has permission in your firewall for access, and to act as a server.

    A little more information on exactly what you've done so far would help with troubleshooting, though.


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      Apologies, I'm not very technically savvy when it comes to connection issues. I don't think I have a firewall as such (excluding the windows firewall) I think the router handles all of that. There does not seem to be any permissions settings sadly.

      I think my router may have closed connections due to too many ports being open on the network. I have since modified the registry to allow more ports to be open per machine, but have yet to test it.

      In the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas, they are greatly appreciated.

      I'm using Winroute Lite 4.2 by the way.


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        Cracked it.

        For future reference, UT really doesn't like XP's firewall


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          Originally posted by Pyrrhic
          For future reference, UT really doesn't like XP's firewall
          OMG the XP firewall actually screwed something up internet related.
          Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, n. See also Irony.


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            Most users end up REALLY not liking XP's firewall, too.