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UT question (Not TUT, but server related in general)

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  • UT question (Not TUT, but server related in general)

    I'm a bit confused as to which forum this should be in, cause its not really about TUT, but it is tech help. Its also about servers, but I think this board gets tad more attention.

    Anyway, you guys are always nice when I have a question about stuff no matter what the subject, so here goes.

    My dad and I like to play a game or 2 of UT on the weekends sometimes. He uses the good comp, and I use this old thing. (Keeps the skill levels about even )

    Anyway, we get bored with the same old thing each time so we decided to try some mods.

    I can get AgentX to work, along with the normal UT mods. But thats about it, it doesn't work when I try ChaosUT, or TallyHo. This is what happens:

    He starts the server with the mod and everything.

    I join.

    I'm there for about a second, and then everything that I saw starts running into corners (basically, I lag out.)

    What could be the prob?
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    Hmm, I've never tried TallyHo multiplayer but I'd be amazed if you DIDN'T lag out, there are a lot of AI that need to be replicated simultaneously and its a lot more hectic than normal bot-matches or Unreal singleplayer (for which the creature AI were originally intended).

    I assume you're hosting the game on the better computer and that computer doesn't suffer from lag in botmatch (you haven't stated this, and so you should probably confirm that its a connection problem and not a problem with the computer running the mod in general)


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      The comp running the mod is WAY great for UT and is on cable. (866 mhz, 256 ram)

      Also, we have ZERO trouble running normal matches, AgentX, and matches with UTs built in mutators.

      When I try to run ChaosUT and several other mods this happens.

      I start up a ChaosUT server (both comps have the mod, same version, etc...)

      The Host comps sees me come in the game and immediately leave.

      My Comp sees me come in, but does not discon me! I stay in the game, all the info I got (Bots, players, weapons, map) stays in the same spot, or runs into corners. If I try to shoot, I see the animation, but no bullets hit or anything. I can run around. But i'm not really there.

      What I want to know is WHY am I not staying in the real game.
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