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  • 'Random' Crashes

    OK, this has happened somewhat recently when I play TUT.... I'll finish a game on a server, wait for the next level to load.... halfway through loading the level TUT crashes to the desktop with NO error message AT ALL. I don't know what's causing this, as it never happened on my older, much crappier computer.

    Any ideas?

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      hmmm i still dunno whats up... but i know one thing that might help too... how do i increase the amount of virtual memory i have, cause the system keeps saying virtual memory too low when I'm playing online, and disconnects me from the game at the same time


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        I know this happens to Katra a lot, and sometimes to me, although not as frequently.


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          you tried to reconnect then it must work........ :wink:
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            It happens to me all the time. I have completely reinstalled my OS (Windows XP Professional), UT (w/4.36 patch), Thievery, and have all-new memory (512 MB). Still it happens on map changes. Sometimes I can get through 3-4 maps without a crash and other times it crashes after only one.


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              I often get crashes on map change, but very rarely do I crash during play(I can't remember the last time it happened, but I know that it has).

              System specs are:
              WinXP Pro(fully updated)
              P4 2.8C(HT on)
              2x512 PC3200 Corsair RAM in dual channel
              2x36GB WD Raptors in Raid0
              ATI Radeon 9800XT(Omega 3.10s)
              Gigabyte 8KNXP

              I haven't yet played around with compatability modes, nor have I turned off all of my background programs(I often have my AV kick in and run a full HD scan and never notice it until I leave a game. I keep my system tray pretty clean, with only my AV, UPS program, and e-mail checker/filter/bouncer.). I'm using OpenGL(D3D performance is better, but the IQ is worse and no alt-tab).
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                Yep, does it to me too, no error message or anything, one thing i found to be helpful is to have "all-seeing eye" open and ready, start the game thru that then when it crashes most of the time i can double click on the server i was on and load up quicker than ppl who were allready in the last game with me!


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                  Lol, I just started doing that a couple days ago.

                  I always thought that it crashed because I was loading way faster than the server, then crashing because I couldn't connect to it. But then I thought that it would be pretty stupid to code something like that.
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                    I was thinking you could try this to automatically reconnect to a server on crash. It works well for me.

                    1. Create a batch file thievery.bat with the following contents:

                    [code:1:21ce09050c]@echo off
                    set UT_PATH=C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament
                    set UT_INI=ThAux.ini
                    set UT_EXE=ThAux.exe
                    set UT_USERINI=ThieveryUser.ini
                    set UT_LOG=Thievery.log

                    echo "%UT_PATH%\System\%UT_EXE% %1 -nolog INI=%UT_INI% USERINI=%UT_USERINI% LOG=%UT_LOG%"
                    start "Thievery" /wait "%UT_PATH%\System\%UT_EXE%" %1 -nolog INI=%UT_INI% USERINI=%UT_USERINI% LOG=%UT_LOG%

                    if not exist "%UT_PATH%\System\Running.ini" goto done

                    del "%UT_PATH%\System\Running.ini" > nul
                    goto rungame


                    2. Run the game with:

                    thievery.bat ipaddress:port
                    (e.g. thievery

                    It would probably take a bit of tinkering to get All Seeing Eye to work with this, though.