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QoS Packet Scheduler Slowing down 56k Modems?

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  • QoS Packet Scheduler Slowing down 56k Modems?

    I was looking at some UT2k3 stuff and I came acrossed a little tidbit of info from:

    [code:1:0d84e99d22]We've also seen this advice posted on the UT2003 forums, to address problems with very high (999) pings:

    In Windows, go to Start > control panel > network connections >

    Now here you should see

    - Client for Microsoft Networks
    - File & Printer sharing
    - QoS Packet Scheduler
    - Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)

    Click on QoS Packet Scheduler and click "remove". Then reboot and play. [/code:1:0d84e99d22]

    This info came from

    Has anyone tried this? Does it affect anything else? I wonder if it will help my ping because sometimes its ok at 290 and sometimes its up in the 1200+

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    Which version of Windows?

    I use Win98SE and I do not recall seeing that.

    Also, is your connection speed set to "maximum possible" or something similar? For netsurfing with 56K, that is fine, but for games, it seems to cause surges, leading to unstable connections. For me, removing the automatic settings, and even taking the max speed down a notch, improved the overall connection (still want broadband though)
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      That packet scheduler thing is only in Windows XP and maybe NT/2000 as well. I'm not really sure what it does but I don't think it can make your pings any lower by removing it.


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        (Only in Windows XP, Win98 does not have QoS)

        QoS packet scheduling reserves a section of your bandwitch for unknown stuff. So removing QoS you should have more bandwitch.

        BUT THE ABOVE METHOD IS WRONG. QoS remains active.

        To turn QoS OFF :
        Go to Administration Tools - Services.
        Find QoS RSVP, doubleclick, set it to manual and stop the service.
        That's it.

        EDIT : Also you should remove QoS from network connections with method mentioned above

        You can safelly turn this feature OFF. QoS is completely useless IMHO


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          I think QoS stands for quality of service. It is included in the v6 IP and yes it exists only in XP/DotNET. I'm not sure but I think that this service is used to provide better packet quality on the cost of speed. You can disable it and you will not have any problems. It can be removed by msconfig utility as well (Start/Run/type msconfig/hit enter/Services tab.
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