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  • Admin commands

    Just a quick question:

    Why don't any admin commands work when i'm running a listen server?
    They work when it's dedicated but not a listen server.
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    You try putting admin before them? As in:

    adminlogin (password)

    admin allammo
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      Yeah I did. As I said before, the same exact commands work when I run a dedicated server and play in it.
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        Shouldn't this be in 'FAQ's and Technical Help'?

        I never noticed it not working, try the commands without the word 'admin' in front of them.
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          Originally posted by Chainsaws
          Shouldn't this be in 'FAQ's and Technical Help'?

          I never noticed it not working, try the commands without the word 'admin' in front of them.
          exactomundo! Listen servers don't require the "admin" because you are locally running from within the game itself. Which is also why you have 0 ping.


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            Originally posted by CrouchingDork
            admin allammo
            allammo? what are the other commands like that, where can I get those? I searched for a while and never found any, I know there's an invincibility code, a gravity modifier, item/AI spawning and other things like that, how do I access them? Is there any link to a list page you can give me? Thanks in advance for those who respond


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              'summon warheadlauncher'


              'summon unreali.automag' (that old pistol from unreal1)
              'summon unreali.scarrjwarrior' (I think its spelt right, well, its one of those creatures that kills you)
              'summon unreali.nali' or 'unreali.nalipriest' (fun to kill)

              There are a loads from UT and Unreal.
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                Thanks, I found these codes on another thread I found in this forum;

                walk --> Removes fly and ghost
                cheatview tbot --> You view from an AI
                cheatview player --> Not sure what it does exactly cuz I tried it randomly and got to see from a ladder....
                summon shockrifle
                summon sniperrifle
                summon flakcannon
                summon eightball
                summon tspider
                summon trat
                summon tguard
                summon thpickuppotionhealth
                summon thpickuppotioncatfall
                summon thpickuppotioninvisibility
                summon thpickuppotionspeed
                summon thpickuplockpicks
                summon thpickupflare
                summon thpickupflashbomb
                summon thpickupwhistler
                summon thpickupcaltrop
                summon thpickupmine
                summon thpickuprepairtool
                summon weaponmace
                summon weaponsword
                summon weaponbow
                summon weaponcrossbow
                summon ammobroadheadarrows
                summon ammowaterarrows
                summon ammomossarrows
                summon ammofootsteparrows
                summon ammocrackarrows
                summon ammovinearrows
                summon ammoflarearrows
                summon ammoparalyzebolts
                summon ammotagbolts
                summon ammofirebolts
                summon tknight
                summon thieverypawn
                summon thiveryplayer
                summon tshocker
                summon tcommando
                summon unreali.stonetitan

                That's good reference, if anyone find a more complete list, can you post it here, or at least a link.

                Btw, I saw someone modify the gravity and the game speed, what are the codes for that?


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                  Gamespeed is 'slomo x' where x is a number. 1 for normal speed, 2 for double speed, .5 for half speed, etc.
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                    Not to forget "summon utminigun2"
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                        Thanks! that link has really helped me on my search, although it's only cheats, but it's fun to see about fifty guards blowing up with a single redeemer missile
                        Next time I'll search more in the forum for something I need, might avoid repeated threads