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  • Memory problem

    I don't know if this is a wide-spread problem and I am only taking up forum space. I've looked for one thread with my problem in this section, but since there doesn't seem to be one, here it goes:

    When I play Thievery UT I experience huge memory problems. In the task manager for windows 2000, it says the game only takes up 30 megs of ram. Total ram used for the entire system is 1.28 gigabytes. When Thevery was closed (it crashed) , it dropped to about 100 megs of ram. (Yes, the numbers are correct)

    Please respond. This game is great, I'd love to see a new version!

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    i have thievery set to cache 256 megs of ram - you should be able to set it in the INI file, but i'm not certain i remember now (after 2 years) how i did it. someone else can help you out more.

    also, this thread is being moved to the Technical Help forum. 8)
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      It's easier to set the cache RAM from within the game. Type "preferences" in the console, and you'll get all sorts of expandable trees. I think game cache is in "Game Enging" or something like that. If I recall, the recommended cache for UT is 1/4 of your system memory.