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I can't play Thievery ALL!!!!!!

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  • I can't play Thievery ALL!!!!!!

    I sure hope this will be the last and final problem that I will ever need to fix when it comes to the computer I use in Thievery. I've had this problem for about a week now so if you guys noticed I haven't been on, it's most assuredly not because I don't like seeing you guys . Here goes: Ever since the last of my little problems nothing really buggy went on, nothing that I couldn't fix. But a few days after my last problem, I found that whenEVER I double-click onto the server board for the ONLINE games, the whole game crashes (and I mean the WHOLE game) and I'm taken back to the desktop instantaneously. I though it was a glitch, I tried solo and it worked fine, but WHENEVER I try to join in ANY online game I'm booted off the whole thing. It's very frustrating and would hope if any one of you guys has a piece of advice, it would be most welcome. If nothing else fails I will just have to erase my current file and go and download another batch of Thievery (but that's if all else fails). You can only play Solo for so long without going nuts. So if anyoene has any idea as to help me fix this, I would be most obliged.
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    1) Uninstall UnrealTournament and Thievery
    2) Install UT
    3) Apply UnrealTournament patch 436
    4) Install Thievery 1.4


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      Ig that doesn't work, try connecting to the servers from the ingame console.