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  • SP - Bots move fast


    I recently fired up a game of TUT SP and while playing, I noticed the Guards were walking about twice as fast. I also noticed that my timer (viewable by pressing "F1") was ticking down about 2 of its seconds per 1 second real time.

    Any ideas why? Is there a way to control game speed?

    Thank you for your help.
    Team ORJ

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    go in console --> type in "slomo 1" --> be happy with your normal gamespeed
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      Thanks, PhaeThorn, for the info.

      I went back into the game and everything was fine, but the next time this happens I will use that command.

      Because this is the same machine that I sometimes host dedicated MP games on, is it the reason why sometimes on occasion the AI is doing the same thing then?
      Team ORJ