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Network causing serious FPS loss :-(

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  • Network causing serious FPS loss :-(

    Guys, i have finally nailed the problem (of serious gameplay lag and unbearable fps loss after a few consecutive games). Ive thought all along this was a problem with my video, or cpu, well it turns out that it is not. Tonight i played solo tut games for an hour with water smooth PERFECT graphics. Then i restarted my computer, played online for two games and it died.

    I have found out what is causing it, and desperatly want help :cry:

    As you know, i got dsl a month ago, and this has been happening ever since. However, i do not have the dsl linked directly to my computer (as my computer is in the garage 50 feet from the house). I hooked my computer up to a hub inside via a wireless network, and run the internet that way. I usually get Signal Stregnth - 60% (just in the green) and Link Quality - 53% (barly scratching the green, but still in. However, the wireless network hub is located in the dining room (where it has a best line of site signal to the wireless usb receiver in the window of hte garage). So i'm geting 60% signal (now i know this sounds stupid) until somone turns on the..microwave? yes the microwave, i moved the microwave as far away from the hub as possible, but it still does it. When the microwave is flipped on, the signal drops from 60% green to 40% yellow. and link quality plunges to 20 some. So basically, when somone turns on the microwave, it induces a horrible network signal, thus degrading performance. Furthermore, since i only have 60% signal, i belive that the cpu is slowly catching up, and as soon as it reaches a climax, BOOM FPS drop to next to nothing, and gameplay is impossible till i exit the game.

    This may not sound so bad, but when you've just snuck into someplace for 10 minutes and this starts up, it really spoils everything. Not only to FPS drop, but the sound echo's each noise (ie footstep, door opening etc) about 30 times real fast giving me a horrible nightmarish headache. Like i said, none of this ends till i exit thievery and i guess, let the network catch up to itself again.

    Does anyone have any ideas what i can do? i already have the usb adapter and hub as close as i can possibly afford, and with as little wall interfierence as possible. Also, i already have an antenna installed on the hub which is supposed to "increase signal stregnth", and it does...a little. Is there any network settings i can change to fix this? anything at all. Thanks

    T13x :cry: :cry:
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    Have you tried moving the hub into another room that way the microwave and wap have a wall between them? Another thing you could do if you're the only one that accesses that wap (wireless access point) is buy some compatiable coax cable and run it outside and mount the antenna on the outside of the house.


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      yeah, defenatly no other place i could put it, unless i used the coax cable idea. I was hoping there was a more simple fix, like in the wireless network settings. Would changing the "Preamble Type", "Fragmentation Threshold" or "RTS/CTS Threshold" settings help? i don't know what any of that stuff is or means, so idk. See, even if i was to have the ping of a 56ker, it would be better than not being able to play at all. Ive tried limiting the Mbps rate, and it only delays the inevetible.
      "It is truly a shame that the guards must be kept from the very tools of thier proffesion, but such blatant misuse of gas arrows cannot be tolerated. Alas, that poor burrick..."