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A Couple of Questions - Cheats, Etiquette, Spamming etc..

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  • A Couple of Questions - Cheats, Etiquette, Spamming etc..


    I'm sure all of you already know me as the TUT newbie who's mostly on the Crackaz server. Well... instead of bombarding the players with questions right in the middle of a game, I seek answers here. First up, what is considered cheating? I was going through a couple of posts about bans and unbans and I'm not sure where to pinpoint it... Are we talking hacks here? Or things like firespamming or... pincushioning? And what are some of the "unwritten" rules? What are some of the known TUT etiquette's? Besides asking if it would be alright to join up in a middle of game? What sort of playstyle is frowned upon (firespamming, DM thief and such)? One of the posts said something about using a vine arrow to seal off an exit so... any kind of obstruction is bad?

    Sorry if I'm being troublesome but I hope you understand. I don't want to be a nuisance on the public servers. I'm sure Archi, Grank, Jarvis, Ironklad and Industralism must be tired of my neverending questions while they're hunting taffers down.
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    Cheating is using hacks ( aimbot / radar / etc ) on a thievery server.
    Cheating can also be using bug exploit ( like the major cheat we had in 1.2 I believe, where you would turn invinsible if you die while being in the scouting orb mode ). This part of the cheating is the part that is not clear. Some might say extreme bug exploits ( I am not talking about a alternative route on wharehouse or nostalgia ) are cheating and some might say it's legal.

    Firespamming, pincushioning, extreme stacking, doorblocking, etc ... those are the more extreme "tricks and tactics". Again it's not clear if these tactics are "lame" or not. For almost all of these things are seen as cheap in some peoples eyes but are seen as smart in the other part of the community. I guess it just depends on how you want to threat people that play a game against you and how you see the game is fair.

    For thieving there are several playstyles, like DMing, ghosting, Aggressive but stealthy thief, etc. Which one you like is up to you, nobody is forcing you to play in a certain style. Except on servers sometimes, for example pure ghosting / DMing servers.
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      Without getting to bogged down with whats lame and whats not..

      Basiclly you should NEVER be using any 3rd party programs to give you an advantage over anybody else in game such as aimbots. Do not use anything that would give you something that somebody else with the standard install of Thievery does not have.

      There are obvious aspects of the game which are overpowered and unintended, you will find these out as you play and will learn quickly not to use them, normally you are warned by a server admin when this happens. Use your own common sense to determine whats lame and whats not.

      There are also aspects of the game which are NOT overpowered and which are an intentional part of the program, their usage is permitted, however not everyone agrees... one thing to remember is that for every tactic, method, trick intentionally in the game, there is another equally powerful negating tactic to counter it. The trick is anticipating or recongnising those tactics and acting accordingly.

      If you find yourself disagreeing with a particular style of play there are servers out there which restrict / open the game to fit a more rigid one. The choice is yours, read the individual servers rules, they can be found in this forum under the servers section.

      Joining midway through a match I personally disagree with, especially when the game is in the last 15 minutes or so, the best solution to this is to ASK, upon entering a server and saying hi etc... briefly ask the teams if they mind you joining.[/b]


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        No matter what you do or how you play, you're going to find someone who it offends. As long as you're not using any altered files or installed software to gain an unfair advantage, just ignore them.

        As far as the various bugs and exploits in the game, and whether or not they're allowed, you can always check the Server Information Thread in the Thievery Servers forum to see if a server is listed, and what the rules are for that server. The hosts of many servers will also have a website where they'll have their server rules posted.


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          Many thanks.
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