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game wants to download non-custom levels

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  • game wants to download non-custom levels

    &Daxim> I'm invited and can't watch
    &Daxim> the game tries to download the maps, and I can't allow that
    &Daxim> I <strong>am</strong> at version 1.4, though, so I don't know why this happens
    [time passes]
    &Daxim> I don't understand it, this also happens for other servers
    &Daxim> must be a bug

    I installed oldskool recently. An older version of Thievery, months ago, did not exhibit this behaviour in conjunction with oldskool AFAIR. Can anyone confirm this? Is the order of installation significant?
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    Have you tried moving your Thievery maps to your UT map directory? This is a guess, but easy enough to do, and may work.

    Not familar with oldskool, but it seems to be a way of automaticlly looking for re-direct servers for maps you do not have? I am thinking that it first checks for maps in the UT map directory, then checks redirect servers if it does not find it there. The Theivery map directory is ignored. Somehow the order of installation does make a difference then in that case.

    I also am assuming single player works ok.
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