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  • Patching Ut linux server

    I am trying to patch remotely UT-server version 400 into version 436. But I am encoutering problems in every turn. I have managed to go so far that ask installpath but there is one problem, when I type /ut-server it ask again the installpath. Can someone guide me or something? On net there are lots of guides but they donĀ“t tell about commands and how to really install the patch. Or not atleast in a form I can understand. Sorry for my poor english and sorry if this topic is in wrong section. :roll:


    I find out that the path were /home/account/ut-server so that is solved now. Now there is a new problem, the installer is crying that Editor.u file is missng in System-folder. I copied same file from my UT/System-folder but that didnt work it still keeps complaining. Is there another version of this file for linux-server? What should I do now? :|
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    First things first, welcome to the forums Viator.

    While I have run a Linux UT server in the past, it wasn't done on a remote machine so I really can't help you with your problem. You might be better off asking your question in another forum, maybe even in a Linux-only forum.

    Are you trying to set up a Thievery server under Linux? If so, the linux UT server won't work due to the Windows-only "dll" files it uses and you will have to use Wine for it work.
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      My friend recommented to ask from here and yes, I was also planning to host sometimes Thievery server. Well, I have to just continue my fight in this fierce battle. :grin:
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        or winex
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          Could you please paste the lines that show what you've tried?