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Game crashes when bugs appear. Plz help ^^

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  • Game crashes when bugs appear. Plz help ^^

    I have a problem when im playing this mod. I can start the game without any problems, i can select a team i can enter the game. I can move around freely and open doors and place sentrys. But the second a bug gets on my screen ut2k4 crashes and i get this error.

    UT2004 Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-06-11_16.51]

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1675 MHz with 767MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (5216)

    Failed to find function SpawnTrail in AoGibPartHead Ao-ReactorCore.AoGibPartHead

    History: UObject:rocessEvent <- (AoAutogunFire Ao-ReactorCore.AoAutoGun.AoAutogunFire0, Function AoPrototype.AoWeaponFire.ModeDoFire) <- UWeaponFire::ModeTick <- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level Reactor Core <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 676F4C57 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

    and this has happened everytime for the last 10 tries now. Anyone knows what the problem might be?

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    Are you running the latest UT2k4 patch?
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      yup the very latest


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        Are you using the autogun every time?

        Either way, try re-installing the mod.
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