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Onboard VCs and XP

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  • Onboard VCs and XP

    I don't have another VC yet for my multiple monitors, but my mom's comp has an onboard VC, and I also put in my GeForce Card. But for some reason, the onboard card is no longer registering so I can't use my second monitor. Is this an XP thing? I tried looking in the BIOS for something but recognized nothing that would help me. Any ideas? It is only showing my Geforce card in Setting in the properties menu.
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    Are the onboard video drivers installed?

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      The onboard graphics chip is most likely disabled by default as soon as an AGP card is installed. It will only be possible to use it with an add-in card if you use a PCI graphics card.

      The onboard graphics chip can have dual outputs though, and in many cases they do, but that is an option available to the motherboard manufacturer.
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        Yep. Most BIOS's will disable the onboard video card when they detect an AGP card.

        Look up your motherboard for more information, I say.