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    Actually, laptop problems. I got an eMachines notebook in May, and it has worked fine (aside from not running Thievery at a normal speed and not running thief 3 because apparently, the game doesn't support laptops? What's that about? Any way I can get around that, or buy a video driver that will support the game?)

    Okay, I guess that was question 1, about Thief 3. But I have more pressing problems now. As some of you know, I downloaded and installed Windows Service pack 2 about 3(?) weeks ago after being prompted by automatic liveupdate to do so about 20 times. So I finally followed their instructions. But upon restarting my notebook, it wouldn't boot up. I worked with Grank and the Outrider (I think it was you, you changed your name in IRC) to fix it, but finally I used a system restore disk to do the "non-destructive system restore," which was supposed save all of my files and uninstall all programs (big deal, I can reinstall/download them again). But instead, it erased ALL of my files and kept all my programs! WTF?

    I got over it, and started to make the laptop my own again (settings, files, ect.) But it wasn't working quite right. It was running damn slow. So I ran adaware, found a bunch of crap, then ran spybot, found like 3 things. But it still wasn't working right. I ran norton antivirus, and found something around the neighborhood of 53 infected files! And it could only repair/quarantine 3 of these files! That was depressing as hell.

    I got so frustrated that I just stopped using my laptop for about 2 weeks. Then, today, I decided to tackle the problem, but nothing was working. I searched on my computer and found the w32.spybot.worm virus, apparently on my computer from using Shareazza. In the future, what program should I use to download movies and music? Suprnova is great, but it's library is fairly limited. Shareazza seemed perfect for finding older movies/TV shows and off-beat songs, and my brother told me it didn't have all the spyware that regular Kazza had (I know he doesn't know shit, but it seemed to be working...I wasn't getting any new spyware while I used it). I used Shareazza before the very first "crash," this w32.spybot.worm must have stayed on my computer after I restored the first time.

    So...any suggestions for a good file sharing program that won't give me a virus like this, but still has a good selection? Or is Shareazza a good choice, and I just got unlucky?

    I'm completely reformatting my hard drive, which should wipe away any traces of viruses. It also wipes away my files yet again, but I just don't want to deal with this. In the future, is there something I can do to protect myself against these sorts of things? I tried ZoneAlarm a while back, but I hated it, and it wouldn't uninstall when I wanted it to. At the moment, I have Norton Antivirus, Adaware and Spybot, and Mozilla Firefox as a browser. But should I be using a firewall? Or should I download any special windows updates immediately after I do this reformat?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would download the service pack 2 installer, and then install it before putting the laptop on the net. Definately use some sort of firewall, too. The service pack 2 one is a start.
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      The service pack 2 prevents my computer from booting up, though. After the first restore, I tried downloading Service Pack 2 again, this time following Microsoft's instructions to disable all antivirus programs. It still failed to boot up, and I had to restore again. The 2nd time, when I ran into these problems (the 1st time I didn't have time to have problems as the computer crashed the same day upon installation of service pack 2), I did not reinstall SP2.

      Should I install Service Pack 1?


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        Definitely put on SP1.

        I use WinMX (no copy-protected songs like you find on Kazaa), and occasionally eMule.

        If you can't install SP2 I'd start using a personal firewall but avoid Norton/Symantec like the PLAGUE. They will slow your system down. I'd recommend using AVG as an Anti-Virus and something like Kerio / ZoneAlarm or some other personal firewall. They basically do the same thing. is AVG is where you can find Kerio personal firewall (free) is where you can download the free version of ZoneAlarm
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          I swear that Kerio Personal Firewall is the best firewall out there.

          I use Soulseek for music(which I can legally download for the time being).

          Service packs and whatnot aren't really necessary as long as you have an up to date antivirus and firewall, although I recommend getting SP1. Also, when installing Windows you must not be connected to the internet.

          Edit: About Thief 3, if your video chip doesn't support pixel shader 1.1 or higher then you have no chance whatsoever to play the game on that machine.
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            Related to thief 3 (and following salvage's comment): I have understood the "laptops not supported" as really meaning most onboard GPU's are not up to snuff. Its really covered by the fundamental game requirements, but it looke dlike they tried to save themsleves a some headaches.

            With SP2, the windows firewall is on by default- try shutting it down if you get and running. I currentl run the free version the sygate firewall. At the very least, it runs better then zonealarm (which i had some performance issues with). I have found Norton to be not to bad, but it does cause some perforamnce issues as mentioned

            With SP2, check your softwares support page for patches (or microsofts). SP2 casued some initial headaches primarily related to its security changes, of which most have probably been fixed.

            Also among those who use AVG as my anti-virus.
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              i use zonealarm profiedition and its crazy good.
              dragon, if u cannot dl and / or install sp2, i ll send u, what about this? then u can redo ur restore cd + sp2, firewall and then plug ur internet.

              just tell me when i shall send it u.
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                Instead of a firewall, I usually disable any listening services on my Windows machine -- that's a tad more complicated, though. But firewalls annoy the hell out of me.
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                  First make sure you're using a secure connection, and that your network is properly set up.

                  Most of my music i get from going to and searching for it in their music search. Usually some random kid''ll have uploaded it from a CD. Amazing what you can find there.

                  As for service pack 2, DEFINITELY install service pack one first, and see if you get any problems there. Here's what I would do:

                  1) search your computer and CD rack for any games that you might have that you don't have CDs for. Burn ones for them. Also get service packs 1 and 2 on CD.
                  2)search for any files like game saves and music you want. Burn them on CDs, DVDs or FlashDrives
                  3)format your compy's harddrive.
                  4)reinstall windows. If you can get your hands on WinXP corporate edition instead of home edition, all the better (see me for a CD, and over 1,000 valid and unused CD keys).
                  5) install service pack 1, and see if it causes problems.
                  6) install your software from the backups in steps 1 and 2
                  7) search your computer for viruses and adware. You shouldn't have any unless some has stowed away on your backups because you have not connected to the internet yet.
                  8) now you have your system running great wihtout any problems. Install service pack 2 and see if it causes anything. If not enjoy your computer. If so, then restart and stop at step 7.

                  Keep in mind that the BEST way to slow down your computer is to have Norton Antivirus running. for an experiment, i cleared Cliff's computer of adware and spyware/viruses. That gave me an extra 5 FPS in Thievery. I installed the Symantec Personal Firewall and disabled Norton Antivirus for 2 days. The firewall stopped all but 1 harmless virus and 3 spywares, and gave Cliffy an extra 70 FPS ingame. I ste it to automatically clean and restart the AV again afterward, so he's protected, but unless you're doing something questionable (ie. porn/illegal downloads, which is the same thing in your case) then you have little to worry about. I use AVG antivirus on my slower computer. Little, if any, system resources required, and it works ratherwell.

                  As for Thief 3, laptop video cards have a differnt system architecture than the normal video card, and you just can't stick a normal one in a laptop. Thief 3 doesn't like laptop architecture. There ARE some video cards that Thief 3 will take on laptops, but they're rare and uaully found in MACs anyway.

                  The Windows XP Corporate offer is up for anyone. I guaranteee that none of these CD keys will ever be used other than the person i assign them to. They are ACTUAL CD keys that Microsoft has registered, not these keygened ones that you'l find all over.
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                    Originally posted by Radamanthus
                    and gave Cliffy an extra 70 FPS ingame.
                    Err, what? An EXTRA 70 fps or a total of?
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                      Rad- How did you come by these keys? By winodws corportate- do you mean windows profesional? or something different?
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                      Set a taffer on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life, and have no need to bother the master.


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                        Well, at my university they've got a computer lab which contains 30 dells with windows licences on the side (with cd keys). But the computers only have linux installed.
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                          I have Windows XP Pro Corp. also, and it's great, solid as a rock and I'm able to use the standard update system.


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                            Yes, Win XP Pro Corporate is the rock. Nothing better besides Linux.

                            And yes, I get these keys from the (nearly) 1,000 computers the schol got, but they're stamped on the inside of the case, and the computers wil only ever have Win 98 installed. Funny, I got 2 PMs about CD keys already, and i'm out! I'll have ot get more this week.
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                              Nevertheless, that is theft of CD-keys. It's like going in to a PC shop, look at a cover, and write down the CD-key of a program.