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Thievery freezes/crashed during gameplay :(

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  • Thievery freezes/crashed during gameplay :(

    heh, well, I have never had these problems before, Ive installed everything correctly (ut, utpatch, tut1.4 as always).

    when I play on the servers now, sometimes it suddenly freezes and stops, then after a minutes it returns to windows once I even got a "critical error" message with a bunch of words like;

    "General protection fault!
    History: MakeNew <- UD3DRenderDevice::SetTexture <- UD3DRennderDevice:rag bla bla bla bla and so on and so on and so on"

    does anyone know what could be wrong? Ive even tryed to reinstall it, doesnt work. Thanks //Louie
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    This is likely a driver error. Have you recently upgraded your video card, drivers, and/or DirectX? You could switch to OpenGL and see if it crashes.
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      OpenGL I found is much better, I found a 3rd party renderer on the net which makes TUT look real nice, I can also alt+tab out of TUT very quickly without disconnecting. The only problems I have are :

      + Sometimes after alt-tabbing, I get a cursor on the screen which moves as I move the mouse to look around, so it's constantly overlaying the playscreen, I can restart TUT to remove this tho.

      + Flashbombs last... LONGER....

      I can't remember the site I got the new opengl.dll from, but it's been discussed before on these forums so try a search.

      Also, we might need the entire error.


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        hm, okay, I'll try all that.. thanks for the help guys!
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 got that opendll file, of course
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            Flashbombs last longer? Being a flashbomb whore, I would greatly encourage all players to use that Open GL driver when I'm thieving!


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              I don't know but while playing our match, a bunch of people had TUT crashing when a map changed, there was no error, it just closed.

              I think the server was crkz private...


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                Yeah, that was a server problem. We crashed after voting in flats about 3 times. I had to reboot twice being on win98 D-:
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