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  • no servers?

    I am a noob, as in I have never played this game online. And there is a major reason for that, which is I can't find any servers..
    I dont know if I'm an idiot or what but I cant see servers with the All Seeing Eye or with the ingame server finding.. thing.

    oh yeah, and does this game have an IRC channel?
    a man can take the pain, but the humiliation..

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    All seeing eye works fine for me.

    Irc : 6667


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      Hello, Kleptos,

      Some questions for you:

      1) What OS are you running? Windows XP (Home or Professional edition) has a built-in firewall that is enabled by default that may be blocking you seeing the internet games from within Thievery.

      2) Do you have any other sort of firewall between you and the internet? (ie. Do you have a router on your network with a built-in firewall? Do you have a firewall software program running? Do you have a anti-virus program that has a built-in firewall such as TrendMicro's PC-cillin 2002 or later?)
      Team ORJ


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        I got the bastard working 8)
        now the only problem is (as some of you may know) my lousy connection, which will hopefully be fixed this week.
        thanks for all your help!
        a man can take the pain, but the humiliation..