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Aol Instant Messenger problems

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    Re-installs do not hurt. Much, but I have never heard of a network adaptor or router breakdown due to config files.

    What other anti spyware did you install. Could one of them be conflicting with the AIM protocols, like a firewall would?

    Mach, the second option would be 'Kill all your friends that use AIM' or 'Kill AIM' still, nice to see some classic humour. Here is a purse of cookies. Which I am not going to give you.
    Conformity is the refuge of the unimaginative, the dull and the stupid
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      Originally posted by Decompiler
      Here is a purse of cookies. Which I am not going to give you.
      Good man.

      Firstly, there are TWO THINGS you must know about any AIM Chat Program....

      Firstly... it is... A PROGRAM!

      Secondly... you use it... TO CHAT!


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        Okay, I just figured I would post this very disturbing clue that I have found about my problem. For some reason, all the problems I described go away whenever I 'direct connect' with a user. However whenever I disconnect it they all come
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