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  • Installing UT

    Having a big problem trying to install UT on win xp.

    I always get a critical error saying, assertion failed.....line: 176 about 80% through the installation. I actually have 2 copies of ut (goty) but both give the same error message. Anybody else ever had this problem?
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    I have had this happen before. Copying the entire contents of the CD to a temp folder and installing from that worked for me.
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      Failing that download it. Happy in the knowledge that you own the original.

      I normally do what LM suggested in the same situation, another suggestion is to try and copy at 1x speed(seems to work better) and burn the CD , I had to do this with another game called "Mafia" which had a number of scratches on the CD.


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        Copying the cd folder to the hard drive fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.

        edit: been a while since I played thievery as well. I was waiting for 1.5 to come out, before getting back into it.
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