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Error starting Thievery: Logo missing?

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  • Error starting Thievery: Logo missing?

    When i double click the thievery icon i get a message saying: Unload error: Unable to find entry for Icon??

    When i click on UnrealED for thievery i get a general protection fault saying:

    History: UeditorEngine::Init <- InitEngine

    Please can someone help me. I used the Beta14.exe installer and i have installed the UT patch.
    -radeon 9550

    -DirectX 9.0b installed

    -running Windows XP

    -256 DDR memory.

    I used to play this version without any trouble, the only new addition to my computer is the graphics card and directX 9.0b.

    Any suggestions??

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    Fixed problem!

    Ok i fixed the problem after reviewing some earlier threads:

    If you encounter this problem you MUST:

    -Perform a full installation of UT which includes everything on the selection during the installation!