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"Welcome" to our new rager...

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  • "Welcome" to our new rager...

    Mog can check his log , I spotted a caltrop hack rager (spend his time throwing caltrops carpets , I have a sshot of it) on his server this evening. I was playing with PhaeThorn when 2 noobs joined , one being The_It (or so) and the other one "MadMan" :roll:
    Not only he tried to DM me as a thief (mostly kissed my mace on Breakout) but he just had a questionable behavior on DE. Once I noticed that huge caltrop carpet in the guest house (took nearly half of my health and paralyzed me for 12 seconds !) he said something retarded like he were invincible or the like (in fact , he sounded like... erm... unstoppable ?) and left (pretty stupid as his large spiky carpet instantly faded out)

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    I'll check out the log. 8)


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      Originally posted by Ř·mega
      I'll check out the log. 8)
      Stak, Omega, please send me the screenshots, and IP as soon as you know it.


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        you know ... the weird thing was, i don't believe it was on mogs :p

        I got this lamer while playing on flats, and cythe was trying to snipe me on the roof :x

        Suddenly that guy starts doing that wierd crap, then trows the chest on a streetlight and shoots it.

        We all kickbanned him ( vote ).

        Anyways, maby it would be wise to search your log too lr. Just for the word kickbanned, beginning at the end.
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          Originally posted by PhaeThorn
          Anyways, maby it would be wise to search your log too lr. Just for the word kickbanned, beginning at the end.
          If it is who I think it is, we already have him banned. Still waiting to hear from Omega, though.


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            *wanders into important server admin conversation*

            yeah... we umm... had some ragers... and we... ahh... banned. yeah. umm... and.. the cheaters were kicked... lots... and... we... IPed the logs... and... made a... detector-laser-destructor in case they come back... yes, so... our server is... good. now. yes.

            *runs away screaming*


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              So.... who was it?


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                madman as in former leader of fus!on madman?
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