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Trouble using dsl

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  • Trouble using dsl

    A friend of mine is trying to play thievery. Unfortunately for some reason it seems to not like his dsl. When ever he gets into an online thievery server it crashes his connection. Sometimes instantly sometimes after a game or 2. He then can not get his dsl connection to work until he reboots his computer.

    Is there any one that knows what the problem might be?

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    I had a problem when my install of UT was not brand-new-sparkly-clean.

    Each time the server changed maps I had a fairly high chance of crashing.

    Removing UT and resintalling with only the Patch and Bonus Packs added removed all the problem.


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      Alright I will tell him to try that. thanks for the advice.

      EDIT: Ahh the real problem seems to be that he forgot to patch his version of UT to 436.