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Windows 2003 Server vs. Windows XP Pro

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  • Windows 2003 Server vs. Windows XP Pro

    I'm considering upgrading my Server from Windows 2000 Server to one of the above, been reading up on Windows 2003 because I've only actually touched using it at work, it seems ok and all but I'm quite ignorant... heres what I'm looking for..

    The Server will be used for :

    + Hosting Teamspeak, 24 / 7. As a consequence, the software needs to be -solid- I know 2000 hasn't crashed or gone offline for 178 Days on my existing system (After 178 days I -had- to reboot because I was physically moving the machine that day), I want the same for the new one.

    + Word Processing, I have a gaming and an office machine, I need the software to run Word / Excel etc...

    + Graphics

    + Archiving

    + Downloading (Azureus)

    + FTP Server (Small scale about 10-20 people registered, limited to 3 at a time)

    + Http Server for a small website, mainly just to get files from home anywhere.

    + Backup (From games machine to archive on Second drive)

    Given the above, which would be the better OS? Is it really worth the hassle going for Windows 2003 Server when XP Pro I -think- will perform all of the above with the right software?

    Has anybody had some significant experiance with 2003?


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    Why not try out Linux instead? Windows cannot beat Linux's security and stability. Plus, you'll learn loads of new stuff.


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      That has crossed my mind, I know you can get a TS Server for Linux but I really am clueless on Linux! Would I be able to run a remote Administration application such as PCAnywhere or VNC on there? This is a major consideration point as I need to be able to login from work


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        Yeah, linux has VNC, and of course ssh (secure shell - command line remote access).
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          If you're really clueless on Linux, I suggest you use Windows on your main server, but set up a Linux test server (on some old machine, Linux isn't that demanding) to get some experience.


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            Yeah, in the near future I'll be sticking the Server into a Shuttle and amongst other things (shown above) I'll be having it as our media centre at home, so we can watch films 'n shit from it's HD through the TV. The old machine I'll try Linux on, I do need to learn it, if only to help with looking for employment!

            I know there are many different versions of Linux, and I'm guessing this isn't a simple question, but which is the best?

            You suggest Windows... but which version!


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              webmin is another useful tool for maintaining a linux server either locally or remotely.
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                We run two servers with w2k3 server on them at work, the software is surprisingly stable () but I really don't see the point upgrading yet if you've already got the capability you want. It's more geared toward businesses.
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                  I'm going to install Windows XP tonight I think, 2000 Server is good but lacks compatability, 2003 server again, very good, but probably overkill.


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                    In my experience the windows server versions are more geared towards serving the windows specific stuff like active directory, virtual desktops, that sort of thing. I find them no more stable than normal versions (the kernel is the same) and as long as you don't need fancy features like PAE i really don't see the point installing it. I never needed anything that only a server version of windows could offer me. All it does is eat your precious memory.
                    XP itself being a continuation of the very stable Windows 2000 (NT5.0) is really suited fine to serving third party apps such as apache, teamspeak etc. However if you also use it as a generic working/gaming box you have to be careful with the software/drivers you install, sites you visit, other people using it, etc. Windows by nature is vulnerable to accumulating all sorts of slack, which version of windows you use matters little, how you use it does.
                    That's also the benefit of a dedicated server. No matter which OS you use, as long as you only use it for serving stuff it'll just sit there and do what it's supposed to do. By not working on it you can't mess it up, either.

                    Linux/BSD runs great even on old hardware, it's stable, everything's free, you can tweak everything exactly the way you want it and you can update it to the very bleeding edge of features and performance if you want to. But the learning cuve is steep and it can be very frustrating if you mess it up and you're unable to rescue your installation. I'd say install it on some old box and play with it, see if you like it.

                    Having a separate box for server tasks matters more than the OS you choose to run on it.
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                      well...i put Fedora Core 4 on my Compaq ProLiant 3000

                      since i just started with it, all i can say for it is, its weird installing games like UT and stuff...
                      the webserver, php, perl, mysql and that stuff was easy because i just followed some online instructions was easy to get help too, just go to the IRC channel

                      Only things i don't like about it are:
                      -no Halo dedicated server for linux <--I don't think you'll even want to run one
                      -when you upgrade the kernel it leaves the options to start an older version <--might be because sometimes i don't update everything so it leaves the old one so i can go back to it and update them also?
                      -when i first started out i was trying to access windows shares, and i didn't know about Samba, took me a while to figure out how to set it up, but i eventually got it

                      this last one may just be for me, but i had some problems setting the firewall and stuff for the i can use https but not http, and no ftp, mayb isp is blocking those ports?

                      The fun part is figuring out how to use it

                      It may not be easy to set up like Microsoft stuff, but i'm sure once you get it set up its worth it

                      Don't forget you can also turn a linux box into TiVo ,
                      A shuttle..thats what my brother wants i think, its so small O_o


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                        Cmon Mach, be a man!
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                          Real men build their own god box.
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                            Well, I hear they sell the case as a barebones kit too. Plus it has Frag in the name

                            Edit: Ah yes, here we go.
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                              Oh don't worry Creator, my games machine is built piece by piece by my fair hands... very garish, very bright, It's black with silver trim, window on the side with a blue neon at the bottom of the case and a total of 8 fans, 5 of which glow blue, and 1 of which which glows green! LoL, I'll get a picture sometime...