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  • AGP question

    If someones motherboard has 4x AGP, are they able to use an 8x AGP card with it? Thanks in advance!
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    Most, if not all 8x AGP video cards also support 4x. My Radeon 9800 Pro is like that, so it runs on my motherboard that only supports 1x-4x.
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      Earlier AGP cards (1-4X) ran at a higher voltage (3.3V?) then current cards (4x/8x)(1.5V). Would check to see if your motherboard provides the correct voltage. May or may not be an issue.
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        Also, the slots may vary in size, no?
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          If i remember correctly:
          AGP 1.0: 1x & 2x: 3.3v
          AGP 2.0: 2x & 4x: 1.5v
          Universal AGP: 1x, 2x, 4x: 3.3v & 1.5v
          AGP 3.0: 4x & 8x: 0.8v

          Most 4x cards are Universal AGP.

          All AGP 8x cards are backwards compatible with 1.5v AGP 2.0 (not Universal AGP!!), but not 1.0. There are certain Universal AGP motherboards that are 4x, but 3.3v only, AGP 8x cards will not work in these boards! But thanks to keying you cannot insert them either. Confused yet?

          About half a year ago i built a shiny new A64 system for a friend. His radeon had broken, so i gave him an old S3 Virge PCI card to use while his radeon would be replaced. He wanted to play games though, so he took an old ATI Rage AGP card from work. It's so old it was 3.3v only, which modern motherboards no longer support, and the keying prevented him from inserting it.


          It would fit backwards! Being the untechnical m0ng he is he inserted the card backwards, and the resulting short circuit blew his motherboard and memory to smithereens.

          ATI Rage drivers for Windows XP do not support 3d acceleration, the card, despite being AGP, is too slow for that anyway. Playing games wouldn't have been possible even if it worked.
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            Yes, "AGP Pro" is longer.


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              AGP Pro only adds extra power pins. It's always backwards compatible (an only actually used on a handful of workstation cards, most cards that require extra power just have a molex connector on them). All normal AGP slots & cards are the same length even when incompatible, they are keyed to differentiate between the different voltage signaling modes.

              Slots can be as follows:

              --|----- 3.3v (AGP 1.0 and 3.3v-Universal AGP)
              -------- 3.3v & 1.5v (Universal AGP)
              -----|-- 1.5v (AGP 2.0 and AGP 3.0)

              For AGP Pro:
              etc. I'm not sure if AGP Pro slots exist for all versions of the AGP spec, or Universal AGP only.

              Cards are:

              --|----- 3.3v (AGP 1.0)
              --|--|-- 3.3v & 1.5v (Universal AGP)
              -----|-- 1.5v (AGP 2.0 & AGP 3.0)

              0.8v signaling is used instead of 1.5v when both the card and motherboard support it. AGP 2.0-only cards do not actually exist as far as i'm aware, they're all Universal AGP.
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                I have a Radeon 9600 Pro, the MoBo goes up to 4x but the card is 8x, it works just fine.