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Burning Question (Nero etc) please help!

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  • Burning Question (Nero etc) please help!

    well, cant believe this SH*T! I sat down over 1h to rename a bunch of files that I want to save on my computer. most of them were .bmp .jpeg and .txt files.

    when Im about to burn them now, the stupid burning program (nero) says that the file names are to long, that it has to "rename" the files to burn them (it doesnt rename, it just makes the files names shorter) and the files names were that long either. so I renamed all those files for NOTHING?!..........................

    can someone please help out. is there a way to burn them without making the filenames shorter? maybe a other burning program than nero? is it possible for me to burn all this with the complete file names Ive made for them? Please help /lou
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    I think Windows XP has the ability to burn CDs without any other program. Just drag and drop the files to your CD-burning drive when you've got a blank disc inserted and when you've dragged them all, click the "Write these files to a CD" linky thing on the left side of the window.

    If you're not running Windows XP, you could probably find a freeware CD burning program.
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      XP's burning software is effectively Roxio Easy CD creator superlite.

      Under the Joliet Format, only 64 charcters are allowed. Have had situations in the past where, for whatever reason, the program was counting all characters in the the file path as part of the name (even though it would only be using the file name on the CD). If your filenames, including the extension, are less then 64 characters, you might be having the same problem.
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        Check your burning options, make sure you are burning an iso-9660 + juliet cd and check those little checkboxes to relax restrictions on filenames.


        If that's not enough, there are newer versions of ISO, like the 1999 one, or choose one of the UDF formats.
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          Just use WinXP's built-in burning software, I've burned files with over 200 characters in the name, no problem.

          Of course, my Win XP is cracked beyond recognition...
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            Last time i used WinXP's burning software, it corrupted the CDs i used... but then again, if any technician looked at my computer hed tell me to format my drive and start again (have evaded disaster with viruses, mrb errors, corruption etc 1000's of times, im surprised it still works)

            Ive never encountered file-length problem with Nero 6 (perhaps downlaod some updates if ur on a dinosaur version) because ive had really long system files like... xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx.xx with full version numbers and such...)
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