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    Just wondered if it would be possible to show more than 500 results?

    And while I'm here I might as well say that I've seen some pretty weird things appearing, for example when searching for posts by someone it comes up with posts by someone else. I didn't get a picture of it though.

    Other things like completely random posts appearing that have nothing to do with what you searched for, like this one where I searched entire posts for 'star wars subtitles', with results shown as posts in Community Chat, and the first result was a post of mine which contains absolutely none of those words (or not that I can see, please tell me if you know why that post was shown).

    I don't seem to be able to find anything with forum search these days, it worked better in the old forum

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    Stop blaming the technology - Learn how to use it!

    It's nothing wrong with the forum search, you are just doing it wrong.

    The reason as to why this post showed up when you searched the Community Chat forum for star wars subtitles, is because that post contains a quote with the word "wars". Quotes aren't displayed in post previews when you search, you actually have to view the whole post in order to see it.

    Also, you weren't searching for "star wars subtitles". You were searching for "star" or "wars" or "subtitles", which would give a positive hit on posts that contain one or more of those separate words.

    Now, that is because you were using the Natural Language search type. If you had used the Boolean search type instead you would only get hits on posts which contain all of the 3 words (star wars subtitles), like this post.

    Google is also your friend when it comes to searches for posts containing phrases. See, it's quite simple.

    By the way, the forum search were actually worse before. Now we've got 2 search types and mysql indexing.


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      Ah I thought there must have been some reason I hadn't seen. Thanks...

      I tried boolean search and it came up with no results even though I was certain there should be. I think mySQL fulltext search (if it uses that) excludes common words

      Try Google next time tbh

      Btw, no need to be so patronising


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        Yes, it excludes common words. You wouldn't find anything if you could search for "it", "with", "yes", "no", "what" etc.

        Also, if your search is showing up more than 500 results, it's not a good search. Refine it and search again, no need to turn up the value.