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A few problems here.

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  • A few problems here.

    Ok lets start the list of what all is wrong, I'll say if I already know the problem to it or not. (As you know from a much earlier post this computer is messed up with a bit of its graphics ex: the tabs not showing in Desktop Properties)

    Choose 1: (or all if you can )

    1.) Game never runs in full screen mode. (I think this is because the video card) My brother had no problems with it (the card) but this computer won't even install the drivers for it. [Any suggestions?]

    2.) I can't lockpick/repair. (Yes I have all the controls configured, I even copied my key settings from other computer to this one. When I frobbed some locked thing it will bring my lockpicks to the selected item, when i hold down frob to start lockpicking it brings the lockpicks to the center of screen like it will lockpick but there is no sound and nothing happens for like 5 minutes. And yes, it is something I can lockpick, the chests in folly and some doors. Same with repair and whistlers and the supply chest.)

    3.) I can always see through stuff, sometimes the buttons in aquatone are sorta missing though. (Not everything clearly, you have to look at a certain way to see it. With guards I can see their weapon through them, doors I can see traps on the other side, sometimes you can see through walls. I think this is because it is on software rendering? Yes? No? Well after a while it gets pretty annoying.)

    4.) No num pad use. (Can't use it at all, Yes I have the keys set to buy loadouts with the num pad, I'm not sure if num lock is supposed to be on or off, but I tried with it on and off, nothing.)

    5.) Leaning foward. (Not sure if it is supposed to do this but when I lean foward the camera sorta jumps off to the side and goes is a 1/2 circle till I'm leaning foward. Kinda annoying when am leaning over a chest to see if the map is in it.)

    Well thats all I can think of right now. Its a really long post!! (I think, I haven't submitted). But if you can help me out, thanks

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    Completely Format and Reinstall operating system...

    Assuming the Hardware of the computer is sound, i dont see why it shouldn't work

    If it is fucked to the point where the desktop environment is corrupt, that would be the easiest way to get rid of your problems, because from the range of things that are going wrong, there is far far more than one cause of the problems. If you can't install drivers, that really isn't a good sign
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      Ok. Just checking to make sure there isn't another way, lol


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        Install Windows Vista. Report back results w/ pics kthnx.


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          Geez Machine, he's trying to fix his computer, not kill it! :p
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            Use the modified OpenGLdrivers for the seeing-through-things bug, and just reinstall thievery(keeping your THAUX.ini file of course). That should fix a few problems. However, your system seems fuxed from all over. I would suggest buying anew computer (part-by-part of course) or, if you feel your current configuration is good enough, backup and reformat.
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              Hmm...Windows Vista
              (I might try...)

              @Immortius: hahaha, i wish i could kill it, but it has all my dads super important top secret government stuff

              @Rad: It was a new install of UT and thievery, with all the patches and stuff. So I guess I will backup and copy all my dads and everyones stuff thats important to another safe place. (we just bought a new computer ^_^ but the one w/ all the problems has important stuff, thats the only reason i think we keep it)

              @all: well thanks you all for replies back here
              Its going to be a long night...


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                this is where 1gbps LAN really kicks ass...
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                  stop d/l pron.


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                    Well, if you have slow reading/writing hard drives, the LAN speed isn't the bottleneck is it
                    Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience