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    Originally posted by TheMachine
    Install Windows Vista. Report back results w/ pics kthnx.
    Don't know which I use but heres a screenshot:

    Ran it under VMware, so I didn't kill computer
    Gave it 716MB DDR PC3200 RAM. I kinda installed wrong I think...
    But well anyways heres results: It starts up, it looks like Windows with a fancy design.

    Seemed slow when just doing some basic stuff like opening Notepad and type Hello World in it (might be because of no video though)

    If I get video card into this computer and run it again I'll let ya know

    EDIT: oh yeah, it didn't really show my type of processor (i think it is a VMware thing...) but its a AMD Athlon 3700+ 2.40 GHz
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    I understand that Windows Vista is going to jack with OpenGL in a not all together sporting way.


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      Make sure to buy new hardware so you can get that nice slick Microsoft® AERO©® theme and finally watch movies in the correct resolution. Because your current monitor sure won't do it.


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        Too slow for me, Windows XP Pro seems to work fine under VMware though...

        1 problem with it (vmware) so far:
        When playing Thievery (haven't tried other games) the mouse sensentivity 21 (what i use) is much too high, is also too high when settings are at 11 (default i think) so i turned it down to 1, which seems like 21 sensentivity, but when i move the mouse they screen acts like i'm cracked or something, then after a while i stop moving the mouse and the camera auto looks up for me...pretty annoying, and since i've only used 80GB (Fedora Core 4 installed with VMware that has Windows Vista & XP Pro)of my 320GB harddrive, i think i'm going to boot into the windows xp pro cd and use the rest of that space...

        Unless someone knows a better way of making partitions that I can see under linux and write to those partitions (that'd be great )


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          Linux can read & write FAT and NTFS, just make sure you don't have more than four primary partitions.
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            Mouse sensitivity of 21? What the hell

            I had a UT sens of between 1 and 1.5 for the latter part of my TUT days
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              hmm on my old no-name brand optical mouse, my sensitivity was set to 3, any higher seened too fast for me. But it turns out 3 was really low and it was when i first started playing TUT i couldn't turn fast enough to face thieves and got my head handed to me. then i went to 4.5 and it got better but wasn't native for me, then I tried 5.5, which took some getting used to. But my DM abilities went up after I got the hang of it. Then I got an mx300 and i think I'm at 6.5 now, but I wonder if I should adjust the decimal place to try some quicker turns for both guard and thief purposes, but it seems pretty good at the point it is at now.

              I think it all depends on mouse resolution and perhaps drivers
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                Signs you have your mouse set too high

                1) If you feel sick moving the mouse round in tut.
                2) If you go to ko and spin round to face the wrong way.

                And I feel 1 at 11 mouse sense so 21?!?!? Spam must close his eyes while playing.


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                  u have your settings that low? O_o Well yeah, 12 seems like normal play to me, i have to lift up and keep doing that too much to turn, when its at 21 for my the slightest movement of the mouse it great

                  Maybe a difference between UK and US settings? I'm using some Optical mouse from Logitech (MX500? dunno...) but its broken now and i'm using some mouse from A-Open, it feels so light that i think it could float , on air!

                  Gonna try installing Windows seperatlly from VMware and test my mouse then, see if that works


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                    Bearing in mind I'm a CS player as much as anything else and therefore a low sensitivity player
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                      Sensitivity settings will depend on mouse/drivers. There's even a difference between default windows drivers and the official ones.
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                        MX518 has resolution settings on it, so you can set it at 400dpi, 800dpi or 1600dpi, and then set the sensetivity ingame depending upon that; and change it on the fly with buttons on the top
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